Oh The Places You’ll Go

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 © Kaponia Aliaksei - Fotolia.com

© Kaponia Aliaksei – Fotolia.com

What does it mean to you to live life engaged? Are you living it 100% engaged or less than that? One of the many definitions of engagement is to begin and carry on.  This definition rings true for me in all aspects of my life, and it may for you as well.  At times, we all slow down long enough to get introspective or even just get a chance to think about things, or at least I hope so.  That’s where I think we gain more insight about ourselves and others.

Let’s take a look at People.  What’s it like to really slow down and become engaged with another human being?  Engagement happens with the clerk at the grocery store, your co-worker, your child, or your sister who lives in another state.  True engagement to me means that you “get” the other person.  You have an understanding of who they truly are, and you accept them fully, not conditionally.  To do this, you must slow down long enough to hear what they are saying, to take in their scent, to recognize their facial features, to touch their hand in comfort, to discover what they are all about, and to be 100% present with them for as long as the moment lasts.  The moment may last a few minutes, a few months, or perhaps a lifetime.

Places we plan to go or find ourselves stumbling upon are a great way to be engaged.  Engagement with Mother Nature is the ultimate in my book.  Hearing the wind in the trees, seeing the sun sink into the horizon, tasting the sweet fruit the earth has produced, smelling the daffodils in my mother’s garden, touching something and unexpectedly finding it feels different than what I perceived.  Have you ever visited a place that was so amazing that you will never forget what you did, what you saw, what it smelled like, and what a great experience it was?  That to me is truly living life engaged.  You are 100% present, you are in the moment, not just halfway or partway there.  It’s the difference between going on a hike and enjoying the sounds, smells and sights and taking 3 hours to complete a 1 hour hike versus trampling up the trail and down the trail to get it done so you can go on to the next place.

We all seem to have a lot of Things these days.  I feel like things that sustain us and that really keep us connected have been replaced by material things or stuff.  People have an abundance of stuff so much so that they don’t even know what they have anymore.  The things that are most important to me are my health, my sense of humor, and my ability to learn.  Some material things are important to me to.  I love my plants, especially my herbs in my herb garden.  They keep me connected to life and I get to nourish my body with them.  I love handmade soaps; they nourish my body too.  It is my wish that more people get connected and focus more on things like making sweet music with a musical instrument, walking by a beautiful flower on the way to work and stopping to smell it, slowing down long enough to enjoy and really taste the food that is set before them, hugging someone who is feeling down, feeling how soft their loved one’s hair is.

If we are fully engaged, we have a better relationship with ourselves.  The more we understand others and become engaged with them, the better we understand ourselves. The more engaged we are when we go someplace, I believe the better experience we have.  It’s all about how we approach life, how positive we are, and how accepting we are of others and situations we find ourselves in.  Becoming fully engaged with everyone and everything around you is where life happens.  There are places we can go without even going anywhere if we just slow down long enough to recognize it and start or continue on the journey of awareness.  Oh the places you can go……the possibilities are limitless!






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