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When You Change the Way You Look At Things…

January 2022

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Years ago I had a friend who was taking art classes. One day my friend was struggling with the portrait he was painting. Something wasn’t right but he couldn’t figure out what it was. When he asked the teacher for guidance, she took the painting and turned it upside down. As shocking as this may sound, my friend instantly saw what needed his attention to fix the issue.

When we look at the world around us it can be easy to get caught in the trap of seeing only what is wrong with the world. This leads to a feeling that nothing will ever be right and we are all doomed to live in an unhealthy reality.

What if we turned that belief upside down? Instead of looking for what is wrong in the world, how would life shift if we tried looking for what is right? The news media is in the business of selling bad news. Often at the end of the newscast there is a thirty second sound bite featuring what is good in the world.

As if this balances out the negativity of the broadcast.

If we were to courageously take a new perspective on our reality, we may see more reasons to be grateful than we are led to believe. Far more people than those seen in a thirty second sound bite are living loving, kind, and compassionate lives. Has your story of love and kindness ever been on the news?

By turning our view of the world on its head, we may begin to recognize new possibilities that at one time we didn’t know existed. We might see a community of like-minded people working together for a common good. Or an organization working for positive change that could use our expertise.

Things come into view more clearly when we begin to shift our focus away from the negativity of limiting beliefs, toward the possibilities of what can be accomplished through love, generosity, and community.

The truth of it is, the world we create comes from the world we focus upon. My friend was too intent on what was wrong with his painting to see the solution, but by changing his point of view a solution became obvious.

Grateful for the lesson, he was never afraid to turn his painting upside down whenever he got stuck.

We can do the same thing when we come to a situation that needs our best self to show up. By changing our focus, we begin to see solutions that may make us more understanding and kind. This will give us reasons to be grateful, for the courage needed to see the world differently.

What happens when no matter how often we turn the painting of life upside down, we still can’t get a better perspective? It may then be time to change the way we react to these situations. If we allow the situation to upset us, then the situation controls us. Yet if we turn it upside down one more time we may free ourselves from the control the situation has on us. Learning to walk away from experiences that do not align with the truth of who we are, elevates our consciousness through self-love.

When we begin to live a self-loving life, we will experience more love in our lives as well. This shift allows us to go through our day expressing more gratitude for all the positive things we see and experience in life.

The thing about living a self-loving life is we now have the courage and the ability to turn negativity on its head. Why? Because now we are aware of the positive lessons in every situation we encounter, even those situations which appear negative. In this new awareness, we can learn to be grateful for the challenges we face. We understand that deep within our struggles are the lessons we need to learn to move forward on our journey through life.

This change in attitude may be helpful as the new year dawns around the globe. To shift the way we see and live life, we have to shift the way we view the world. By changing our focus, we will find the clarity we have been seeking, even if we have to turn life on its head.





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