Our Relationship with Ourself

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Separation: The Ultimate Illusion


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Do you feel fully prepared to be living in and on Earth at this time?

If we’re willing to look at our lives through an unfiltered lens, we might recognize that some of the habits we’ve adopted and are struggling with, often on a daily basis, almost completely detach and desensitize us from Earth/Nature.  On average, we spend 95% of our time indoors experiencing self-induced entrapment through virtual technology that biologically separates us from reality, as well as excessive stress, conflict, judgement, war, and too often, living or working in victim/perpetrator environments.

Are you aware of the master system we are endowed with at birth that makes it possible to survive and thrive here and now?

Our most critical loss as a species, living in, on and of Earth, is the suppression of our biologically potent, necessary and reclaimable sensory system.  Our 54+ natural senses are the vehicles that enable us to remember and receive the gifts of Nature that live within and around us.  It’s simple, for it’s already a part of us.  We experience reconnection through live interactions that lead to a sense of wonderment, joy, connectivity and love!  As part of this profoundly perfect stream of life, our whole sensory system’s purpose is, was and will always be, survival and thriving.

Are you ready to remember? Are you ready to wake up?

Our innate sense of being is inclusive, not exclusive, and our return to inclusivity will be gentle, kind and deeply healing.  Reclaiming wholeness will come when we are able to recognize the ways and means by which we have separated from truth and our true nature.  Revelation: we’ve never been separate from nature.  We are alive because the elements provide the life support system required.  Our biological inheritance has always been available for us to connect and understand what life is and how it’s sustained!

Rediscovery and recovery is rightfully ours to accomplish!

Nature-Connected experiential learning is designed to “reconnect the dots”.  Here’s the catch…truth can only be revealed in the present moment through reactivation, better known as Action Required!  Identifying personal world views and the self-discovery of what has been forgotten, is the magic that turns our world “right side up.”  It’s now time to embrace the Truth of Whole that identifies mind, body, spirit and nature as a singular relationship.

Truth:  Earth’s body is our body, Earth’s health is our health, Earth’s life is our life.

More Truths:

  • Did you know that functioning with a whole brain is a definition of super intelligence?
  • The way to achieve this wholeness is by reconnecting our multi-sensory system.
  • From a whole perspective we can realize solutions that were unattainable before reconnection.
  • Nature is Life and we are part of its biophilia system: an instinctive bond between humans and other living systems.
  • Wellness is the outcome of reestablishing our ability to feel safe and thrive.
  • The most efficient and natural solution to achieve this wellness state is through reconnection as it is wonderfully interactive and brings real balance back into our lives.
  • Nature and Nurture are synonymous.






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