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fotolia© agsandrew

fotolia© agsandrew

Deepak Chopra in his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind calls a thought “an impulse of energy and information, like everything else in nature.” Our thoughts do not just reside in our mind. Thoughts are impulses of energy and information, and every person transmits energy and receives energy from others.

You know this to be true because you’ve experienced bumping into other people’s thoughts and feelings. Maybe you’ve walked into a room right after an argument and noticed that the energy of the room felt like you could “cut it with a knife.” Or maybe you’ve been alone in a church or a spiritual sanctuary and felt the sacredness of the space.

We broadcast our thoughts to our friends, neighbors, and even to the strangers we meet on the street. Those same people are broadcasting their thoughts on their individualized frequency to their friends, neighbors, and strangers they meet on the street—and to us!

Thoughts are impulses of energy –in motion.

Imagine these thoughts floating around in space. Imagine everyone’s thoughts and feelings floating around in space. It calls to my mind the image of walking in dense fog, preventing you from seeing the road in front of you. Some of this foggy mist sticks to your clothes leaving you feeling a bit soggy and wet.

Thoughts are just like this foggy mist. The thoughts and feelings of others can be so thick that you can feel them. And they are sticky, just like the mist. We become covered with thoughts and feelings that we’ve unconsciously picked up from others –these mix with our own thoughts and feelings – and pretty soon we can’t tell our own true wisdom, thoughts that originate with us, from the stray thoughts that we’ve picked up as we’ve intermingled with our friend and neighbors.


I believe our inner critic’s voice is a mash-up of thoughts other people have sent our way, and we have accepted them as truth. Finding your true passion in life, living a life full of purpose and meaning– your own purpose and meaning – can be pretty difficult if we are covered in a mist of other people’s thoughts and feelings.

So how do we remove this mist of other people’s thoughts and feelings?

We often clean our energy field without even realizing it. Maybe you’ve walked away from a particularly offensive conversation by shaking out both hands or shrugging your shoulders to remove the icky after-effects of your conversation. Or you might have felt like rinsing off in the shower or shaking your whole body, much like a wet dog coming out of the river. Either way, you were unconsciously removing foreign energy (other people’s thoughts and feelings) from your space.

As we begin to understand that our thoughts travel and affect the people in our lives, we come to the realization that we are all connected. What affects one affects the whole. You truly are your brother’s keeper and the thoughts and feelings you transmit out into the cosmos have a lasting impact on the energy system of the entire world.

Exercise: Seeing and Feeling Energies

Here is something to try the next time you are on the phone with a close friend. Close your eyes, and as you speak with your friend, visualize your energy emanating out in waves from your body. Intend for your thoughts and feelings to travel out and touch the other person’s space. Now, feel your friend’s thoughts coming toward you, much like a sonar wave. As the other person is talking, see if you can alter the feel of their vibration as it enters your space.

fotolia© underdogstudios

fotolia © underdogstudios

After you hang up the phone, keeping your eyes closed, continue to sit in silence. Has the energy in your room shifted? Do you sense some of your friend’s energy hanging around? Do you feel a warm glow spreading throughout your body? You might think that particular feeling is just a thought hanging around in your mind but feel into that energy. Is that warm glow only in your body, or could it be that the feeling is in the air around you? Is there lightness to the space around you because your friend said something that made you smile?

As we understand the interconnectedness of life we become aware of how our thoughts and feelings affect others. What type of thoughts and feelings would you like to add to that “foggy mist”?

Interesting, isn’t it? Welcome to the world of energy!



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