Stepping Past Overwhelm for the New Year

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Shifting Obstacles In Your Life

fotolia © Giovanni Cancemi

fotolia © Giovanni Cancemi

I have been blessed with a wonderful friend who also happens to be a Swami. I have known her for 35 years. One of the creative attributes of our association is that she dispenses helpful spiritual guidance along with her business acumen and friendly interaction.

Recently, when I was struggling with overwhelm, she reminded me that I was acting as though I was the only one working in my business life, when in truth I have a Senior Partner — with a capital S!

My Senior Partner, who is of course the Omnipotent Presence- All That Is, who is aligned with the highest good of my Soul. All I need to do is remember I am not alone, turn over all that I am working on and allow this Divine Presence to step in to assist me.

In times of great overwhelm, it’s easy to forget the spiritual basics! So I paid attention to her gentle reminder and placed the myriad needs on my altar. I then asked for Divine Order and Balance to be present in those situations, before placing all my work expression into the Divine Hands of my Senior Partner. What a difference it made! The overwhelming burdens I had been feeling were gracefully uplifted and the project I was working on unfolded in miraculous ways.

I know that miracles are the ordinary unfolding of a prayer-centered life, but still I am always a little in awe when small prayerful actions change my experience in practical ways, so gracefully. This is truly what I want to experience in every area of my life. I continue to ask the Source of Divine Light to work with me in my spiritual, mental, and emotional life. And this recent demonstration reminded me that my Senior Partner will always assist me with the spiritual entrepreneurship that is my work in the world. I need only to remember and ask with greater intention.

My work is the gift I have been given in order to serve God in beautiful ways. Because it is the outworking of my prayers for my Soul’s mission, it is especially important I remember to include the Divine in all aspects of my life.

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