Own Your Words, Own Your Power

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How to Speak Your Truth

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What interesting times we live in these days. Here we are in 2017 just after an outrageous political campaign – no matter your affiliation, you will probably agree with me on that.

As a Personal Development Coach, I pay close attention to how people use their words and observe their level of responsibility in what they say. For instance, does someone’s action model what they’ve just said? An example, if I say something like this: “You can believe me that I will get this accomplished within the deadline, trust me.” And then do not get it accomplished and not provide any legitimate reason for not getting it accomplished. In that case then I am NOT walking my talk – doing what I said I would do, being responsible for my words and promises.

As a parent, do you make idle threats to your children, telling them if they don’t do ______ they will get in trouble, then they continue doing _____ and you don’t follow through on your threat? What does that tell your children? What does that say to your observers? I’m not bashing parents, I am one and raised 3 children into adulthood and I can certainly appreciate the stress, frustrations and challenges dealing with children’s inappropriate behavior. My point is this, be consistent with your messages to your children and everyone. Don’t say something you never plan to use or follow through, it lowers your level of integrity.

When you are responsible with your words, it has a powerful impact. You step into your power – this is internal power, not a power over someone else. When you are in your power, you exemplify high self-esteem, integrity and responsibility – you walk your talk.

I have seen a lot of people acting badly recently – you probably have too. It seems many people think they are owning their power when they put someone down or verbally abuse someone who disagrees with them. This is NOT true power from within; this is someone’s low self-esteem working overtime to try to make themselves feel better about their choices or they are angry or any number of reasons.

To really want to own your power with your words, you might consider:

  • Say only what you mean
  • Don’t put yourself down or speak negatively about yourself
  • No longer participate in gossip
  • Speak with love / kindness
  • Speak with truth

With these simple, yet often hard to do, steps, you will be able to step into your power and approach the world with confidence and kindness. By doing these simple things, it makes the world a better place.


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