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The Over Use of Antibiotics


The biggest danger of the overuse is creating antibiotic-resistant strains of diseases. People who do not complete their full course of antibiotics usually causes this. Some of the bacteria live, changing their gene structure to accommodate and become resistant to that particular antibody. Ergo, Super Germ.

A good example of this (although there are literally hundreds) is the bacteria known as Methacilliunstaph Aureus. This bacterium was created in, and escaped, from hospitals in the Los Angeles area. It starts as a small pimple and within days can create sores that go to the bone. At this time it is antibiotic-resistant.

To date we have penicillin-resistant bacteria: Syphilis gonorrhea and salmonella. Did you know, the more antibiotics used in your community put you at risk for resistant-strain disease?

So why do doctors over prescribe antibiotics? One theory is the general public wants that quick fix. It takes too much of the doctor’s time to explain what an antibiotic is, and what is called for; it is faster for them to just write the prescription. I personally believe there are kickbacks to doctors from pharmaceutical companies.

To get the complete (and terrifying) story on over-antibiotic use, I highly recommend the book Herbal Antibiotics by Stephen Buhner. He documents the use of antibiotics from their creation to now. He acknowledges the creation of super germs due to the mutation of various bacteria. He addresses the issue of the thousands of pounds of antibiotics that are fed to our nation’s cattle and poultry industries, and the repercussions on us. Not to mention the disposal of antibiotics when they hit their expiration date. What do you think happens when tons of these substances are dumped in a landfill on the microbial level? Think about it. Here is a website for more info on antibiotic resistance, Keep it simple.

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