Play With a Higher Purpose

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Team

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As you journey in football or in the game of life, compete with a meaningful purpose in mind.  Give your best in each and every moment. Not only for a tangible goal, but something bigger.

It’s your heart and soul’s desire. It’s the substance of all dreams. Life is filled with competition, adversity, detours, twists and turns — a roller coaster of emotions.

To get the most from life and football you must have strength and purpose.

Our souls are hungry for something larger than ourselves. We are hungry to be part of something that has meaning. Hungry to contribute to making a difference in a positive fashion.

We don’t have to have an impact globally, we need only to make a difference in our own small world. The team only you and your brotherhood of teammates understand across those lines into a world of competition most people only dream of.

We pour our hearts out with our effort not only to find joy in spite of difficulties, but in the midst of them. Joy is the passion or emotion excited by the acquisition of good.

How can you make a difference?

  • Play each and every snap of your battle with your best effort, not only in your arena but in life.
  • Give your best to a good and common goal so that in victory or defeat you may stand in judgment with no regrets.

A football game is only 60 minutes but the lessons learned along the way last a lifetime.

As you leave your arena, be free from becoming a prisoner of the thought of a lifetime: “I could’ve given more!”







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