Pluto Direct and the Oct 8th Lunar Eclipse

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This month of October, we will be feeling the effects of  Pluto moving forward because it turned Direct on September 22nd.    Pluto is a heavy hitting planet that brings transformation and evolution to our lives.  It has been Retrograde since April 14th, 2014 which has forced us to suppress our desires and rethink some area of our lives depending on what house Pluto has been traveling through in your chart. As Pluto begins to go direct this month, we will see some big changes finally happening in our collective and personal lives.  Secret desires will return to the surface and transformation will occur as Pluto moves forward. Think about what was occurring for you around April 14th as we will be revisiting these same areas of our lives but this time the changes will be somewhat easier as Pluto moves forward.

Pluto went direct at the same time as the fall equinox, when the Sun moved into Libra, so secrets and desires in relationships may be beginning to change or beginning to transform in some way.  Clarity and the will to make those changes comes with Pluto going direct.  This will be a time of letting go and new starts.  It is a time to really look at the balance in your life and see what needs to shift or change to maintain balance.

Use the Lunar eclipse on October 8th to set your new intentions so they can move forward with Pluto!  Be open to the changes and revelations that come to you as Pluto illuminates the darkness and sets you on a new course!  Lunar eclipses themselves are powerful events that are meant to change your life and possibly correct your course should there be a need to do so.

With so many events occurring around the same time, it is important to be aware of them, to stay focused on what is important and valued by you, and to go with the flow of the changes.  They are meant to bring balance to your life.  If you have been ignoring or running from the truth in your life, now that Pluto is going direct, running or ignoring just won’t work anymore.  We will have to face the truth and make decisions that move us forward, that transform how we do business or how we structure our lives.

Pluto helps us to evolve our soul and shifts our consciousness in a life changing way when it transits a planet or house in our birth chart.  Outdated dreams and desires may need to be discarded to make way for the new dreams and desires.  Get clear on what it is you want to happen in your life and use the Lunar Eclipse on Oct 8th to set intentions for a new course.  Be creative with the change and really form new plans and structures that serve your life purpose and who you really are inside.  Embrace the changes!  All the changes are here to take you one step closer to creating the life you dream of living if you work with these powerful transformative energies in a positive way.

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