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Living Abundantly


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We’re all in favor of prosperity. We think it means accumulating possessions, buying anything we want, doing what we prefer, going where we choose. But that’s not prosperity; that’s indulgence–immature and irresponsible. Prosperity is aligning our consciousness with the flow that already exists.

Consciousness refers to aliveness in tiny bits, the “is-ness” of life. It’s not what we think; it’s how we “be.” How available are we to ourselves? Are we present to what is inside us at any given second? Through our experience—what we learn and infer from what happens to us and what we do–we unknowingly shape our consciousness.

After some life experience and with some awareness of our consciousness, we acknowledge “flow.” Flow describes natural movement in universal consciousness. Our minds don’t manufacture flow. No human created flow. Flow is. Our participation in the flow reflects our consciousness, specifically our availability.

As with any kind of abundance, money flows. We receive and we give. If we hoard, we stop the flow. If we’re closed to receiving, we stop the flow. If our hearts are open, our resources reflect our trust for the flow. We allow wealth/love/abundance to come to us. And we share our wealth/love/abundance. We participate in the flow which is larger than we are.

In addition to receiving, we release. Tithing at church or to the source of our inspiration serves this purpose. But releasing money for a cherished piece of art or to help a friend or even to pay a gambling loss supports our letting go. We never grumble; we always express gratitude that we can share our wealth. Releasing joyfully is as important as receiving.

Releasing facilitates receiving. If you want money to come to you, practice releasing in advance. That creates a void which must be filled. Money operates by the law of flow. If you feel stuck and can’t seem to force abundance to come to you, practice giving joyfully. Do volunteer work. Offer your services to someone who needs them. Empower the flow by participating as you can—by giving in any way. If you release with an open heart and an open mind, you will receive what you need.

And when money comes, allow it to flow through you and to keep moving. It’s not yours to grab. There need not be fear. The flow doesn’t stop. We immerse ourselves in it and trust it and enjoy it. And that’s true prosperity.

When we know our place in the universal flow and trust surely and without question, we are wealthy. We don’t fear, we don’t connive, we don’t overthink, and we don’t worry. We are present and available, we appreciate whatever is this minute, and we give thanks. Only then do we experience true prosperity.




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