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Meet Tracey R. Kern Publisher of Conscious Shift Magazine


Head Shot Tracey R KernTracey R. Kern is the creator and publisher of the Conscious Shift Magazine, the online magazine where new ideas are taking root for a changing world. Conscious Shift Magazine is a monthly magazine that publishes  articles, produces videos and publishes books about health, wellness and spirituality to a global audience.

Tracey has an extensive background, which includes marketing and sales as well as numerous certifications, training, and studies in holistic and healing modalities. Tracey spent several years studying and trying to understand both the allopathic and alternative medicine worlds.  What she came to understand is that no one would be willing to go thru the miles of peer review and deciphering of ten dollar words in an effort to get what they needed in order to restore or maintain their health and wellness.  It was easier to put your health into the hands of “experts”.

From that awareness, she saw the need to create a platform that would provide useful information in a way that spoke to you and not at you  It was this awareness along with the understanding that people were sick of being sick and sick of being sold something, that lead Tracey to create the platform Conscious Shift Magazine and Conscious Shift Community.  To contact Tracey email her at




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