Purpose Lists: Motivation with Pen and Paper

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If you are like me, you may think, “I know my purpose, I feel empowered when I’m following it, BUT I can’t seem to stay the course.”

Here’s where my mind is:

So I write a book (pretty darn good one). Shoot a DVD and record a CD to accompany it. Get it published, then…. Kinda drop it. No book tour and no self promotion. Develop amazing workshops, run them to positive responses and then…. Don’t schedule any more. AND probably 25 more examples.

Sound familiar??? Tons of irons in the fire, but no real well beaten path. My purpose is to increase my inner peace and help others do the same. How do I stay on track and continue to fulfill my purpose?

Please let me know in the comments below your advice! HELP! In the meantime, here is what I shared with a client this week who is experiencing a similar mental/emotional motivation deficit predicament.

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1. List. LIST (yes, write down) your accomplishments. Focusing on what we haven’t done is counterproductive.

2. List your current or past Purpose driven projects.

3. Go through the list and underline the projects that are still interesting.

4. Pick ONE. Brainstorm and list steps to continue the project.

5. Do one today.

Love, Susan


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