Putting Together Your Child’s Purpose Puzzle

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fotolia © Brocreative

fotolia © Brocreative

Children’s Gifts and Strengths Show Themselves Early in Life

Strengths and gifts are not talents or skills. Strengths are very individual and personal. Children may have a talent or skill for something, but they may not enjoy doing it. Strengths are the activities that make a child (or adult) feel strong. Strengths are recognized as something one has a passion to do.

Your child’s strengths and gifts are already within. Sometimes gifts are evident at a young age and come as a surprise to the adults who recognize them. Identifying your child’s gifts and strengths is the key to guiding them to living their “purpose” for coming to the planet now.

I believe, as many others do, that “new children” being born have gifts and strengths to help our world become a safer, happier and healthier place to live.

“Children come into the world with millions of years of patterns encoded into their DNA. We are not random beings…..Each of us represents an intricate design, a meshing of our nature tendencies- the things that they come with into the world.”- Jenifer Fox, M.Ed, “Your Child’s Strengths-Discover Them, Develop Then and Use Them”.

Being Who We are Makes Our World a Better Place

How will the world become a better place to live? When we have every Soul on the planet living and shining their light, each living their “purpose”.

It really boils down to “being” who you are with passion and joy. Many of you reading this might have struggled with how to share your light and your contribution in the world. Others of you may be aware of your gifts and are able to share them with a sense of confidence and ease.

In the past, many people with “softer” gifts and strengths weren’t recognized or honored. Their natural gifts were not given space to grow. As these innate gifts weren’t recognized, but instead, swept under the carpet or channeled in a different direction, a sense of self-purpose and confidence was lost.

“Every one of us has a unique potential, gifts and talents we can bring to the world. We need to be conscious of our strengths and abilities. Those are all ingredients of professional and career success. It is found to work in people’s personal lives as well. Utilizing personal strengths yields greater happiness and feelings of well-being.”~ Adina Soclof

You can make life easier for a child or the children in your life by helping them find out who they are –and lead them to “remember” their purpose. The clues to your child’s purpose will shift and change as the child grows, but the puzzle pieces can be recognized at a very early age.

Although your child may have similar strengths and gifts as another, each child (and every adult), shares his or her gifts in their own unique way. Rather than judge, compare, or try to change your child; honor, within limits, the qualities you discover that make them unique. Showing respect, honoring and assisting children in development of their strengths and gifts is what will create a different and healthier world for all.

fotolia © Karin & Uwe Annas

fotolia © Karin & Uwe Annas

Discovering the puzzle pieces helps children feel loved and safe to be who they are.

Finding the pieces to your child’s Purpose Puzzle. Keep a journal. Record themes of activity. Look, watch and listen for:

  • Preferences
  • Activities
  • The stories they tell
  • Quirks
  • Play and imagination
  • Play that triggers interests you can build upon
  • What the child enjoys and likes to do
  • What makes your child unique in their own way
  • Family traditions which tell you about relationships
  • Connections to God and Spirituality, kindness, generosity, compassion

In addition:

  • Ask questions to get to the core of why they like an activity
  • Provide choices in how to do things and see what they favor
  • Try not to judge; find out more information
  • Find places, activities, toys, supplies, etc. to expand on what you observe

As the adult, the best model you can provide is to find your own “purpose” and joy for life. You can use the same ideas above to fine-tune yourself as well.

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