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The world of Dreams, A Parallel Dimension or just Electrical Activity in our Brain



Neurophysiological and neuroimaging studies show that electrical activity excites neurons in our brain causing the images and experiences we know as dreams. Sleep studies have documented Rapid Eye Movement as a muscle reaction to this phenomenon. I would not argue with the biological and physiological scientific studies and resulting theories that explain all this. I just have a huge problem with a scientific explanation that reduces the life experience that I get from my dreams as merely overnight indigestion.


Granted that such a condition does exist and can produce enough chemical activity to generate random electrical messages exiting the visual cortex.  Or even that a powerful Psychological Subconscious force is at hand generating euphoric images or horrifying nightmares depending on the pressures or lack of in our day to day endeavors. I believe this is true yet the exception, not the norm. at least not for me.


My dreams are a real part of my life. They have an active part in molding who I am. With maturity, I have gained an awareness allowing me to differentiate between the neurophysiological activity, and the subconscious activity, both as part of the natural physical bodily functions designed for my favor. I have had dreams of driving off the road on slippery curves vivid enough to make an impression and get my foot off the peddle when I’m actually driving. I have had dreams of being lost and the agony of not finding a way back was strong enough to keep me alert of getting lost not just geologically but mentally. Theses and others like them are dreams relative to my physical body and its self-preserving biological system.


Then, there is my DREAM BODY. I know it to be Real, regardless of the lack of scientific proof.

I know that I have an etheric. or spiritual body that I travel to other worlds in,  I have friends in these other Worlds some since childhood with continuous and evolving relationships. There are neighborhoods that I frequent families that I visit all very vivid and all very real to me. When I’m in my Dream Body,  I know it because the heaviness of my physical body is gone yet I still have my memory and an understanding of where I am or better said, what body I am in.


When I wake in the morning I search inside my head, if I’m lucky I can retrieve what may seem like hours and sometimes days of activities with my friends in my dream worlds. sometimes the memory lasts just minutes after I wake and sometimes it becomes as a real as my waking memory As I get older there are some memories that I question whether to be from my physical body or my dream body way back when I was a child.


Whether you believe that dreams are the imagination of our Biological brain process or a glimpse into Realms of Parallel Dimensions, You must admit that the amount of detail retrievable from dreams can be overwhelming but when properly digested can be very revealing.


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