The Quintessential Tool Box

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Living In Mastery

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Imagine the life of a master: someone who has discovered the enlightenment available in every moment and can sail their figurative ship through any storm. How does this person live their life? Masters can be found in all walks of life, across all cultures, but one thing remains constant. A master is completely present in the now. This means they are not distracted by an overactive mind, or temptations, or anything else that will drag their attention away from their immediate reality. Because of this, each step a master takes on their journey will result in them finding another tool to add to their toolbox. A lifetime lived this way ensures that a person will always have the most help at their disposal as possible.

Each moment offers us a plethora of choices. Do we take the left or the right path at the fork? Do we choose to get angry while stuck in traffic, or do we choose to breathe and find the joy of the moment? Is there something to learn here, or does this moment become forgotten in unconscious observation? If we are never consciously trying to build what we have at our disposal, we stagnate on a spiritual level. Life will keep throwing the same scenarios at us, and if we are not treating them as lessons, then we slow our ascent to our ideal self. Just as the sculpture is chiseled out of marble one hammer blow at a time, so too are our spirits. Each time we choose to actualize our personal power, we take a step closer to who we want to be, and towards the life we want to live.

All it takes is a single instance of mindful redirection to find yourself on a completely different path. When is the last time you did something for the first time? Humans are creatures of habit, and we tend to run on autopilot most of our lives. A conscious life is filled with moments where we choose to say no to our conditioning and forge a new path. This may be difficult for those of us beginning to branch out into a more mindful existence, but even the wisest master was once without his or her experience. Is this moment the first one leading you to your mastery? Only we can choose to change our lives to what we want them to be.

We cannot let fear guide our actions. Fear is the opposite of love, so when we let fear control us, self-love is absent from our lives. We must embrace our first love, the self, if we hope to spread our wings and fly like we are meant to. Only then can we expand our hearts to love others to our fullest ability. From personal experience, I know I let fear hold me back, preventing me from overcoming the programming from my youth. All it took was one choice, and the dominoes kept toppling in the same direction.

There is no instruction manual to life. All we have is the wisdom we’ve gleaned from the memories we’ve made. Take comfort in this, as this means we are exactly where we need to be, spiritually. There is no competition, and there is no filling our toolbox; there is always something else for each of us to learn. Someone who has embraced this understanding can find peace in the present, as there is no wrong. We can only take our lives where we want them to go, and we do so by empowering ourselves with our choices.

So choose love. When you are tuned to your heart, you will be guided to the abundances you seek, and will soon find yourself carrying many more tools with you. Remember what it means to be your true self and awaken the master within you.





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