Rebirth and Reinvention

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Inner Peace

May 2021

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After a year of grief and loss we are ready to begin again even as we are still coping with the remnants of the coronavirus pandemic. As with the cycle of life, after death comes rebirth, after winter spring arises. Now is the time to reinvent our lives to manifest our future.

When life becomes difficult, too painful to bear, or simply intolerable, we are often forced by circumstances to change. I have actually reinvented my life several times.

When I was young, I wanted to become a teacher, so I enrolled in college to train to be an educator. In my senior year I had my student teaching practicum. I was appalled to discover I hated the administrative work, the paperwork, and the details associated with teaching. I had spent years pursuing this profession only to discover it was not for me.

So, I altered my goal, went back to school, and became an attorney. I thought the respect, power, and prestige of being a lawyer, not to mention the greater income would satisfy me. I spent years learning, practicing, and working as an attorney in various settings. I discovered that I really didn’t like dealing with conflict on a daily basis. Most people I encountered were constantly angry, unreasonable, and often didn’t want resolution — just revenge. This took an enormous toll on my mental and physical health resulting in long periods of depression and ultimately a health crash.

Once my health recovered, I reinvented my life again. I found I liked being of service. Helping others find peace, serenity, and wholeness in their life. I reinvented my life to take advantage of my creative talents, my empathy, my advisory skills, and my innate gifts. I connected to my Native American heritage and learned Shamanic healing. I wrote books and began speaking about my journey of healing and self-discovery. I consulted with clients and clear ancestral family patterns and karma for better health, success, and relationships. I have found my purpose, my life calling, and my peace.

All these calls to reinvention came at times when I was most distressed. When life appeared darkest. When I was unhappy and dissatisfied. The small deaths are motivation to change and reach out to greater destiny. Opportunities abound if we dare to risk moving from the status quo into the unknown. The past year has thrown us into unknown territory and shaken up our world. As the world finds its balance, we can reinvent who we are, what we desire, and how our needs are met.

From personal experience, I can tell you that every change I have made has been an improvement. At the time I chose the brightest path I could. I was not running from what I had, but I was reaching for new possibilities. When the time came to choose again, I trusted that the new direction would challenge me, change me, and expand my horizons. It did. I would not be the person I am today if I had not chosen to take the new path at the crossroads offered at the various times in my life and reinvented myself. I invite you to see if this is the time to reinvent your life. If so, rejoice. It is a grand adventure.

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