Rebirth and Renewal

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January 2021 Rebirth and Renewal

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The tide of 2020 has receded. 2020 is completed and gone. We will remember 2020 as the most challenging year of the new millennium so far with the coronavirus outbreak, enforced and extended sheltering, global economic shrinking, and the restructuring of the workforce. Our social lives have been upended as we have been forced to withdraw from family, friends, and engagement in entertaining activities. In addition to these changes, we have faced political upheavals, social unrest, systemic prejudice and discrimination, and our beliefs in the predictability of life.

Entering 2021, I am looking forward to the tide washing away the past difficulties and a new flow of energy emerging. We can always count on change. The new year opens with fresh opportunities for innovation, creativity, renewal, and rebirth of spirit. Every year brings new hope. What hope is emerging in this new year?

Virus Managed

My prediction is that Covid19 will not magically vanish in 2021. Even with a vaccine on the horizon, availability, distribution, and effectiveness will be problematic for months if not years to come. The Spanish flu of 1918 is still with us today, mutating regularly necessitating new vaccines every year. I suspect the coronavirus may follow the same course but we will adapt with it. Hope remains high in all our hearts that solutions to this pandemic will be found before the new year ends.

Social behavior will never go back to the past activity level for some, if not all. We have been educated now in safety and sanitation protocols that are now ingrained in us for daily protection. Hand-washing practices, surfaces disinfection, general cleanliness in food preparation areas, and attention to coughing into our elbows and not spreading germs, are daily routines.

We will keep social distance of 6 feet apart from loved ones only as long as necessary. This will be the first safety precaution to fail, as it is failing now because we have been isolated for such a long period of time. We need physical contact through sight, sound, and touch. We are tribal peoples and cannot thrive in isolation. Outbreak reports show rising numbers of cases through the winter because of increased indoor sheltering, such cases will go down when we can escape outdoors and still stay in touch.

Innovative methods for social connections will keep us healthy and together until this is over. Internet face-to-face services have been life savers this past year and will allow us stay linked in the future. Group gatherings will continue to be important social ties to acquaintances and business associates in the future, including at home jobs.


The new year always bring a rebirth of spirit and dreams for the future. Winter is the time of introspection where we can review the past and dream new dreams for the future. After contemplating the successes and disappointments of last year, we can plan and dream for a better outcome in the next. What do we desire to birth now? What has 2020 inspired us to create in this new world? What life actions are your dreams creating? New plans, hopes, directions, pathways, and relationships flow from our unconscious. Focus the inner eye on hopes and dreams and your desires for the rebirth of a new life in the new year.

Consider the gifts and the drawbacks of the last year. Have you benefited from a slower, more contemplative, more regularly paced life, and inclusive of family and neighbors, or do you feel frustrated by a need for a more engaged life with multiple daily activities, events, people, and places? Either scenario is fine as long as we choose and do not fall into a life without conscious decision. What is your dream and hope for 2021?


The new year carries a renewal of life affirming energy. As the new year opens, we mourn our losses and celebrate surviving the past year. Although winter continues, it brings the promise of spring. Renew your energy with your hopes and dreams for tomorrow. Live in hope and joy.

Focus outward on the future. 2021 is a blank slate with a new political agenda, a new public health outlook, a new economic direction, and a new global engagement. Think about how you want to build your life, family, career, prosperity, and happiness in the upcoming days. Make a plan. Think ahead and beyond the present winter to spring and beyond. What are you planting and planning for the future? Plant the seeds of happiness and love.





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