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The Time to Heal is Now


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A massive wound in our national consciousness occurred in the beginning of January this year. We just emerged from a difficult year of coping with a worldwide pandemic that still is claiming thousands of victims daily. Racial strife over the killing of multiple black lives affected the faith and trust of citizens in the police who are sworn to protect and defend. Then the usual political wrangling preceding the elections did not wane as normal, but continued to escalate as misinformation, exaggeration, and social media inflamed right wing extremist to use violence to take over one of our nation’s capital buildings.

We were shocked that such an event could take place here in a so-called stable democracy.

The eruption of violence in the capital shocked not only Americans but the world. How could we allow the emotions of our President to trigger the anger, fear, mistrust, and helplessness of so many others to reach such a volatile point? Social media and the rapid spread of disinformation clearly supported this event. However, conspiracy theories have been around for generations. The disturbing factor here is that the protestors had no agenda, made no requests, no demands, or had no action plan. Therefore, there was no ground for negotiation, compromise, or discussion. They were there simply for disruption and destruction. This was a cry for attention to their pain and woundedness. In the past, no one paid attention to their pain and grief as they suffered one more loss in a year of loss, so they lashed out as children often lash out in pain.

Now is the time to redirect our attention, energy, and focus to a deeper consciousness and awareness of the meaning and purpose of life itself. The year 2020 was a wake-up call to challenge the assumptions about life and our beliefs about work, the environment, governance, and how relationship should function.

In this time of division, we need to hold each other in compassion and respect. We may not hold the same opinions or beliefs, but we can listen. Know that tolerance and respect for everyone’s Divine essence can soothe and support an awareness of life in its many aspects. As William Blake said, “The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.” Civil discourse often leads to means and methods of governance better for the whole than one person can create on his/her own. This is true in many areas of life. The vaccines and remedies for the viruses, illnesses, and dis-eases are the results of collaboration of many sources in multiple areas, including alternative healing practices.

Last year’s imposition of sheltering and isolation at home, either alone or with our families, was a gift to many to heal past, old wounds. If those wounds are not healed, they erupt in an outward manifestation of blame, anger, fear, and conflict.  Healing and expanding our consciousness of the awareness of the Oneness of Life in all its forms and how it manifests in our life is the goal of life. Challenges allow us to define our path.

When difficulties arise in any area, we get to choose health over illness, prosperity over poverty, cooperation over conflict, happiness over suffering.

This year, focus attention on the future you desire to create. Redirect your energy into new partnerships, new creative forms of business and play. Heal relationships to derive satisfactions, fulfillment, and pleasure from loving connections. Commit to safety and healthy practices in eating, exercise, and outdoor habits. Make meditation a daily activity to stay in touch with your inner Divine. Respect others and listen to the truth in all you do. Change is good if the right direction is chosen.





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