Creating Health Around Wealth

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Reiki & Money

Money is a big topic and often one with a lot of emotional juice surrounding it. It is a topic rife with trite sayings and overused idioms often repeated in the world of spirituality. One of the most widely promoted concepts is that money is energy. Those of us who live in the world of Reiki, a practice based on Universal Life Energy, discover over time that money is only one part of a broader expression of energy that can be expanded and shared.

As we explore the practice of Reiki in all its facets, we discover its numerous qualities and how it can affect many different aspects of life.  Reiki, as an energy, has the ability to circulate throughout the body. It also expands beyond the body,  awakening images and ideas, insights and memories. Reiki radiates outwardly as well, moving into other dimensions, connecting us to the ephemeral and the concrete simultaneously.

The initiated Reiki practitioner, through regular practice, comes to understand that Reiki is truly infinite. This quality of being infinite means there is always an abundance or surplus available at any time for every need. In fact, the more Reiki is used, the more benefits are given and received. There is no need to fear that Reiki will run out; no need to hoard it or limit its expenditure. This infinite quality also means that Reiki can readily be shared with others and kept for personal use. Alternately, when the use of Reiki is limited, the benefits that have been increased through regular use will slowly dissipate.

Belief systems have a huge impact on the way we relate to Reiki and other forms of energy.  When money is truly believed to be a form of energy, all of the qualities we attribute to Reiki can be seen in terms of money.

For example, money is a construct of human society, so money is truly infinite. This is because humans get to define money, what form it takes and can add money to circulation at will. As money is circulated throughout society, it becomes an energetic representation that when spent, results in the acquisition of concrete materials.  And just like Reiki, money can also be readily shared with others and/or kept for personal use.

When considering the place of money in our lives, it is helpful to recognize that there are many areas in life that have the potential for wealth and abundance – health, relationships, knowledge, creativity, skills, money, spirituality, natural resources, and time are some of them. What is abundant in your life?

Do you have surplus in some areas? What are a few ways to increase abundance in these aspects?

How does community abundance influence your personal wealth?

These are a few questions to begin an exploration into creating health around wealth. So, place your Reiki hands on yourself and ponder these ideas. See what answers Reiki helps you perceive.






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