Relationships in Synastry

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Astrology with Selah Grenewood

August 2021

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Relationships are important to us. They aren’t always romantic, oftentimes they are friendly. Whatever the case, they inspire us to grow and be the best person we can be. We can determine who is good for us by several factors: cultural leanings, interests, lifestyle, introversion or extroversion. The Greeks have a philosophy which studies love and ascribes it names: for passionate love eros, philia, affectionate love, agape, universal love, storage, familial love, mania, obsessive love. Consider how these various ways of defining this emotion can enhance your understanding of it and personal relationships.

Astrology and a study of synastry- a simple system that reads compatibility between two people – helps us learn more about relationships and a person we are interested in through the planets, their signs and configurations.

Reviewing another’s chart and determining if there is compatibility is not difficult. You would need both the person’s – yours and the love interest – or another’s in question. Observe the planets and houses in each. Now overlay these in the accompanying one. For instance, if the person has Aries on the cusp of the 9th house, you would place Mars here, if Taurus, Venus, continuing until all planets are in their appropriate location. Wherever they are placed, is a focus for the relationship. If the 1st, body, identity, personality, personal childhoods, self. The focus for these two people would be on these matters. For instance, they might both be interested in the subject of psychology or fitness and make this a part of their life in some way. A 2nd house focus is money, it’s management, personal resources, values and so forth.

Planets at the ascendant indicate an easy way of communicating and expressing as well as an interest in the health of the other person. On the descendant, they can both be active in social engagements and making partnerships with others. They spend their time going out to places where the arts are in full effect; plays, theatre productions, anywhere where there is entertainment. Planets at the nadir can mean an interest in family, home and vehicles. They can both explore their shared cultural legacies, and they also have a strong spiritual life together.

Aspects to the Sun, will enlarge their life with warmth, Moon, brings much emotionality and changing landscapes, Mars will give energy and initiative for mutual projects and travels, Venus, affection and commitment for relations, Mercury, communications and messaging at a at basic level and with siblings or beginner students, Jupiter, visions and philanthropic pursuits, Saturn, concentration on duties and work orientated involvement, Neptune, spiritual study and pilgrimages, Uranus, participating in groups, networking, many friendships, and Pluto, an interest in karma and transformative experiences.

Affection, empathy, motivation, support, growth.

Relationships give us much and always bring us close again to a connection with ourselves.




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