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I love New Years Day!   Why? I love it because I know that whatever did not serve me in this current year I can choose to leave behind.  It’s a sense of empowerment, freedom and renewal! You can look at it as “cleaning out your inner closet” just as you would your clothes closet.  You have to clean out your closet to get rid of the clothes that no longer fit you in order to make room for new clothes. But in this instance you are instead creating space for new behaviors and thought patterns. What is it that you can pinpoint in your life right now that is not serving your highest good? This can be ANYTHING. This does not have to be a tangible habit that you plan to give up such as smoking or drinking, but maybe it’s thought patterns you have about yourself or negative beliefs you hold onto that only tend to hurt you so therefore you want to be free of them! Perhaps these negative thought patterns are about your body, which then leads you to choose poorly for yourself when it comes to food or relationships.  Maybe you tend to react to issues in a way that creates more drama and havoc in your life and you’d like to move towards a more peaceful, centered space within your soul.  Perhaps you haven’t forgiven someone who is close to you and the guilt that is manifesting in your body is causing pain and suffering.

 Not A Resolution!!

Let’s move into 2014 from the heart space.  Let’s get out of our heads, put our egos aside, and navigate through life with a sense of compassion, love and inner joy towards ourselves. How freeing would that feel? How freeing would that feel to release any judgments against your own self as well as others as we enter into a new year? What I love too about this is the creativity we can incorporate.  This is not like a resolution where we say we’re going to do something and then Day 2 we’re back to square one, self-sabotaging ourselves because we didn’t follow through.  This is different.  This creates a new way of “being” in our life’s journey creating a new sense of self-awareness. This also isn’t something that will necessarily happen overnight.  Will we fall back to old patterns? Yes we might, of course!! The point is you are aware of it now and you can act as the pilot of your own destiny by making more positive choices therefore creating a more positive and loving dynamic for yourself.

Create a new Statement. Make it a Vow to you.

Let’s say the pattern you see this year is your negative self-talk. Make a pact with yourself that you will be kinder to yourself. Buy yourself a little new year token that you will keep with you to remind you to stay centered and focused on your new vow. When you feel yourself going into that negative spiral you will at least now have the “awareness” in your body that you are doing it and be able to retract.  This is where you can say the new vow you have for yourself such as “I love myself just the way I am” or “I am perfectly imperfect” which is one of my personal favorites. Maybe you choose to forgive someone or apologize for something you are feeling guilty about.  Both of these actions are so freeing and healing to the body.  I know from first hand experience that trapped guilt or resentment can cause such havoc to our bodies in so many ways. If this is what resonates with you it’s time to release it. Maybe this person that you have guilt towards or resentment towards is no longer here on this earth plane, that is OK.  You can still create a ritual around it by writing him/her a letter and then conduct a sacred ceremony such as burning it or keeping it in safe space.  It’s whatever you choose that will make it feel complete for you. This is the perfect time of year for such focus. As you move through the holiday season rejoice in all you are grateful for and begin to release all that does not serve you.  It’s time to start a new year as a more complete you.


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