Releasing Fear and Worry

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Working Through Resistance


Journaling is a good method of releasing fear

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Does fear of the future and worry about the present or past keep you up at night? Unrealistic fears for safety, security, and loss cause stress and anxiety. Constant worry about money, relationships, jobs, housing, food, and health block and deplete energy. Present concerns may be valid in the circumstances, but numerous fears arise from old beliefs and family patterns and block happiness in the now.

I sometimes have dreams of war, famine, disease, or failure. My parents lived through the depression and WWII. I picked up their unspoken fear of lack and dread. Is the epidemic of obesity rooted in the history of deprivation of a food supply for decades? This gives rise to unreasonable fears of starvation in the here and now. We block abundance and wealth.

Worrying wastes energy. Worrying never solved a problem or avoided one. Fear blocks the flow of answers, solutions, and the love and happiness the Divine wants to provide us.

The solution to undefined fear and worry is trust.

By embracing our Divine heritage, we learn the Universe is a loving place that supplies all our needs and desires despite the mass consciousness of lack. Asking for wellness, safety, prosperity, harmony, love and joy is the key to removing the blocks. Trusting that we deserve and are worthy to accept these gifts is an essential component. When we release our blocks to trust, we are open to the flow of Divine energy.

In order to free oneself from constant fear and worry, follow these steps.

  1. Acknowledge the fears and worries. Don’t deny the fear and worry. Feel the emotions. Then take these concerns and extend them to their extreme. Recognize how unfounded they truly are.
  2. Release the emotions. Write down all the fears and blocks in your life. Then, tear up, burn, or flush the list away with the intention of letting go. Do this daily until the fear and worry dissolve into the air.
  3. Replace the fear and worry. Replace the fears with positive emotions. Affirmations of trust, abundance, love, and hope can fill the void. Replace a fear with a positive affirmation of trust and hope, such as, “The Universe always provides me with all I need, whenever I need it.” Relax into the arms of Divine love.
  4. Change what is in your control. If something isn’t working in your life, then make a plan and take steps to change. Get more training if you need a better job. Learn what is needed to heal your body, change your weight, exercise, and sleep better. Go to counseling if your relationship is floundering. Take action.

Resistance create stress.

Stress is the number source of disease, depression, anger, hunger, loneliness, and sleeplessness. Reducing stress from resistance and relaxing into joy will improve your overall quality of life.

Happiness, optimism and positivity are the number one indicators of success in all areas of life. Let go of the negative and reach for happiness.






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