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Living, Breathing and Being Aware


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Spinal alignment is necessary for complete health.  A fully integrated, free flowing nervous system is vital for fully functioning organs and systems in the body.  Like an electrical panel, when the flow of power/energy is disrupted, or a circuit is blown, appliances don’t work properly or at all, and lights will flicker or go out.

Our spiritual awareness is like that as well.  When we interrupt the flow of energy from Source, we experience static in our lives!  When our thinking is disrupted by worry, doubt or fear, our light or awareness is dimmed.  We are unable to see people or things around us clearly and we can become overly emotional and reactive.  We may even close ourselves off from the world around us.

Most of us are striving for enlightenment.  Each day, we choose to grow and expand our awareness, our light, by focusing on higher thinking and using higher heart energy.  We live meditatively and thoughtfully, in service of others while taking good care of ourselves.  Staying connected to a higher purpose helps us to enjoy and learn from the journey while minimizing distractions.  It keeps us focused on the bigger questions and not stuck in the mediocrity going on around us.

When we’re not aware of our thoughts and we’re unable to stop them from coming straight out of our mouths, we’re living unconsciously.  When we’re unaware, old belief patterns and thinking control us.  Fear and self-doubt can creep in; that voice that says we can’t do it or we’re not good enough.  As we increase our awareness, we can choose the thoughts that bring us joy, hope, love and goodness for all.  We can decide to stop judging ourselves and others.  Being in the present moment allows us to pay attention to what’s around us and helps us to listen to others.  Truly listening builds empathy and compassion.  As the understanding of ourselves and others expands, we become aware of our true power, our inner strength, and follow our inner guidance or intuition.  We learn to control our thoughts and reactions.

When we rush into doing or saying something, it’s usually an emotional reaction with limited awareness that may not be in alignment with our desires or the person we wish to become. When we explore the stillness, we expand our consciousness and can see more possibilities in the moment.  The more we are aligned with our inner desires, we can easily choose what’s best for us.  We can check our state of awareness before we begin by becoming still and tuning in.  Then we can decide whether to take action or if it would be more beneficial to wait; if it’s best to speak up or remain quiet.  Meditation and prayer create an inner connection with our higher Self and with God.  Self-discovery through greater awareness and alignment with our Higher Self leads to deep fulfillment and joy.

Transformation is often messy.  I feel that’s what is happening in the world today.  I believe the vibration is rising and all the ugly is coming out – the stuff we as a nation have been sweeping under the rug just like we do in our own lives.  As we each transcend in our own lives and become whole beings, we will transform those around us.  Think about it.  As we become less passive and increase our participation in life, we become more confident to be ourselves and we are more expressive – that’s certainly happening now around the world.  As we discover our purpose by thinking differently and creating new experiences, we begin to shift our perception.  Sure, it’s a bit clumsy at first, but it’s a process, a journey.  Sometimes, I choose to become a child again to recall what path I started out on. The one from which I’ve strayed a bit.  It’s about looking at my life, honoring what worked out, recognizing what didn’t, and deciding how I can change.

I believe we are lacking compassion, patience and honest communication in the world.  It doesn’t need to be a power struggle.  I don’t need to put you down to become a better me.  The more we can listen and talk openly with one another, the more we can help one another to heal…as individuals and as a nation.  I choose to believe we’re becoming more in alignment with who we’re supposed to be.

When we choose to treat others as we would like to be treated – the Golden Rule – the world becomes a better place.  Having faith that everything will work out the way we intend it to, being grateful for all experiences and for the people in our lives, helps us to show up differently in the world which helps to change the world.  It begins and ends with me and you…get aligned!






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