Remaking the World From Within

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The planet, the nation, society, families, and our self-definition have undergone a profound and lasting upheaval in the past two years. COVID and the new Delta variant have taken away our sense of safety and security. Our daily interactions with businesses, work environments, \\\shopping, entertainment, friends, and loved ones are changed forever. No longer will we greet a stranger with a handshake, never mind with a hug. We are even reluctant to physically engage with nature if others will share the same space.

Despite these drastic disruptions, many have found the freedom to step outside the expectations and life patterns set by parents, partners, bosses, teachers, and other authority figures to follow their inner wisdom to a greater truth, happiness, and prosperity. As business layoffs and shutdowns forced workers out of jobs, some turned inward to look for their heart’s desire finding other avenues of livelihood and revenue, in creativity and self-discovery. Individuals turned to life-long desires for artistic expression and began exploring their talents. Online stores offering handcrafts, arts, and designs prospered.

Others took this opportunity to explore the inner world of consciousness. Classes, workshops, and webinars filled as people finally had time to nurture their soul. Instead of commuting hours to an energy-draining job, and coming home too exhausted to meditate, now meditation and prayer filled the burning drive to truly know and understand the soul’s desire for love, joy, and connection. Understand the inner self and the outer world opens for discovery too. This is a limitless place of the mind and soul. Whatever we can image, we can create.

If you are unsatisfied with your life, now is the time to change it, beginning with the inner self.

When the lockdowns initially started, I had some concerns about the effect on my consulting business, even though I operate mostly online. For many years, I have trusted my abundance comes from the Divine so I was confident I would weather the upheaval. I avoided the trap of falling into fear, limitation, and constriction thinking. As a result, my business expanded. Clients had more time available to do self-growth and they reached out for my services.

As we continue to redefine the world in light of the changes, the sky is the limit. Humans are infinitely adaptable. We live in the coldest and hottest conditions, in the highest and lowest elevations, in desert and wet climates. We can alter and thrive in these challenging times if we continue to pursue a vision of a better, healthier, happier, and more cooperative world aligned with our inner self. This new world envisions a place where everyone can live in peace, compassion, and individuality seeking wholeness, collaboration, freedom to live and believe according to their inner Truth – with everyone having sufficient resources to flourish and contribute according to their ability.

The world is remaking itself. Earth has used the COVID virus to get our attention to redo the defective present. Where is your Inner Self guiding you? What path does your consciousness direct you to follow? What gift do you have to give to the world? Take your place in the new evolving creation.

Are you ready?





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