Resolving the Mystery of Unsuccessful Resolutions

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If you are having a challenge sticking with your New Year’s resolutions again this year,  it’s very possible that you are missing a step in the three-step process that is absolutely essential for achieving manifestation – or – you are at least missing a nuance of one of those steps.  The steps aren’t difficult, but they do require both your attention and intention to make them work to your advantage.

Step #1 is Desiring. To manifest anything, you must first have a desire.  You have to clearly know what you want and keep your mind focused on that desire diligently.  Easier said than done sometimes, I agree, but essential.  And you not only need to know clearly what your desire is, but you must believe you can have it.  It won’t help you to resolve, intend, or affirm a new, higher paying job if almost a soon as you set that intention, you wonder if you really want a higher paying job because of the time commitment it will take for you to accomplish it. Your desire must be pure and your intention set in faith, not doubt, or your resolution is doomed, right from the start.

Step #2 is Being.  Once your desire is clear, you will have to keep a vigil on your state of being.  It is at least difficult, if not impossible, to manifest your desire unless you are in a pleasant mood about it and anticipating your successful achievement of that desire with a sense of joy.  If your state of being is depression, sadness, anger, jealousy, rage or any other highly negative emotion, you’re going to put yourself seriously in the way of getting what you want.  Negative energy prevents you from seeing yourself in a positive place or achieving a positive result and if you can’t hold the vision of achieving your desire, it will be very difficult for you to succeed.

Unfortunately you can’t just shift from a highly negative state of being to a positive, joyful one in one sweeping step.  If you know your state of being is on the lower end of the scale, you will need to take steps to move up that scale slowly and deliberately by choosing to think better feeling thoughts.  Affirmations can help you to do that.  Meditation can help you to do that.  Choosing to associate with happier people will make a positive difference, if you let it.  Counting your blessings can help you elevate your mood.  But whether you use one of these tools, or choose instead to watch funny movies and old “sitcoms” until you feel appreciably better, the fact remains that only you can shift your state of being from negative to positive and only you can decide if and when you want to do that.

Step #3 is Allowing. The third step is allowing, and it’s not only an important one, it’s the one that most people miss.  Allowing requires you to let go of the past in order to focus on your current intentions.  Allowing is literally the art of “going with the flow”.  It is letting things happen instead of making them happen. It is practicing the challenging art of non-resistance.  People and circumstances will upset you now and then, throw you off course and cause you to forget what good things you intended to do for yourself in 2015, but you get to decide whether they are in charge of your well-being or you are.  What’s done is done and without exception, your power to change the circumstances of your life lies in the current moment, not in your past.  Allowing life to unfold naturally to make room for what you want to achieve is essential to successful manifestation.

So just how do these three steps all fit together to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions?  Desiring – forming a clear understanding of what you want and why you want it sets the stage for manifestation to take place.  Being – maintaining a positive climate in your mind and heart makes it possible for you to consistently anticipate a positive result.  Allowing – staying out of your own way, releasing resistance, makes it possible for you to accept the changes that may have to take place in order to bring your desire into being.    When all three of these steps are consistently in place for a long enough period of time to draw what you desire from the Universe into your life experience, your New Year’s Resolutions will be met every time.

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