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Reawakening One Golden Heart Consciousness

January 2022

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Do you long to live in a world of love, beauty, peace, and harmony? Well, you can. In truth, you already ARE—it all begins with you.

The current state of our chaotic and fear-based world is a signal for you to embody your kind, caring, and loving Self with clarity and power. Instead of defending and deflecting, hiding and shrinking—stand strong. Be steady and centered in your heart and gloriously outshining. Do not collapse and go down the spiral of fear based consciousness. Instead, sound your bell of love.

Express it.

Communicate it.

Behave it.

Outpour and outshine it.

Why? Because you can!

It is who you truly are.

The ache that you feel for a kind and caring world is that which you seek within yourself. You long to become one with your own powerful beauty and endless well of love, for yourself and for life. Perhaps outer circumstances have made this connection hazy for you.

Let yourself go back home to the deepest and most sacred place inside. Receive your own grace and wondrousness.

It will change how you perceive your life.

It will alter everything that comes your way.

We are here in our physical bodies in response to the deepest need of our Souls to shine bright and clear upon this beautiful planet of Mother Earth. We are not limited just because we are in form. Quite the contrary, it is why we shine so brightly in concert with the profound wisdom and beauty of this beloved planet.

Many heart-centered ones may ask why they are on this planet today, amongst the turbulent conditions and fear-based consciousness that exists. The answer could be that we are here precisely because we are so sorely needed during these exact times and circumstances.

We are strong ones. We are love-based and sensitive, aware of what is beyond the three dimensional viewpoint.

We feel things, so much—and often wish we didn’t.

What can we do with the pain that we feel so deeply; the conflict and chaos, the injustice and hurt?

What is the antidote?

To be who we truly are! To stand tall, our senses open, bright lights blazing with kindness and caring outpouring, and the wisdom of our love guiding us every step of the way.

Again, we are strong ones. Because we are sensitive and have stayed connected to these abilities, we are able to commune with the depths of one another, with the true beautiful resonance of life everywhere: we are powerful, illuminated leaders.

We came with the full strength of our abilities to feel and express our love so that we would indeed BE the difference that is needed here today. WE can bring the balance that consciousness is asking for in our modern times.

Love has called us here, and we have responded in kind with joy, power, and passion. We are the Angels of our time.

There is a palpable, tangible bond of love. It is a current that flows like a river and  permeates this planet all across the globe. We are each connected with this beautiful river. We can swim gently in it, and when we recognize this, we become clearly aware that we are indeed NOT alone. We are open to the support, strength, and sweet presence and encouragement from our fellow angels that stand here upon this planet with us.

We are far stronger than fear, and we know it.

There is no painstaking and long drawn out therapeutic process that needs to happen here.

It is simply about surrendering to our true Selves; embracing, owning, and savoring the magnificent beauty that we already inherently are.

When at last we decide to sink down and feel what is truly inside of us, we can feel our inner glow, our Light pulsating. Our heart centeredness. Our comfort at being home within, right where we belong.

When we pause and take the time to be fully present in ourselves in this way, we comprehend the grace of our love that moves us in a deeply personal and simple way. It is our love that can move mountains, should that be what our Inner Beings are compelling us to do.

We are right here, right now, right where we have chosen to be. We are here because we want to be.

Let’s stand tall and shining, and be the grace of the loving gifted ones that we are.

There are so many of us here.

Together we stand in great love, strength, peacefulness, and harmony—all of which enables us to generate powerful, creative, and positive action.

It is our joy to be here together, on our beloved planet Earth, at this time.  We are glorious love outshining.


Deborah and Jack Bartello have been forward thinkers and workshop leaders in the field of personal and spiritual development since 1986. Their new book, The Golden Remembrance, Reawakening One Golden Heart Consciousness is now available.





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