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© Agsandrew

© Agsandrew

 When we get physically ill or experience injuries we ask ourselves, “What’s wrong with me?”. We then typically seek out professional care using allopathic models to advise us on what’s wrong or unhealthy. So much attention is given to what is less than perfect with ourselves it appears we have lost sight of the bigger picture. What about asking for the real reason WHY we are experiencing an illness, pain or disease in the first place?

No traditional doctor I ever visited sat me down and talked me through what I did or didn’t do emotionally or spiritually to cause a broken wrist, a sore throat or constipation. Our bodies are always talking to us. We have simply lost the translation tools to help us be in communication and in a relationship with them in a conscious, loving and supportive way. Sadly, the info that is widely available on body language work usually targets the very limited use of these tools. It tends to focus on negative states; such as those used primarily to manipulate or catch people when they are lying. Using body language in this manner lacks real value and is definitely not honoring or sacred.

True health and transformation may be possible by using advanced body language by simply asking a specific question in relation to stress or illness so it will elicit an immediate healing response. In working with facilitators and healers of all kinds I discovered certain success patterns. It seemed they magically knew how to ask specific questions and had a system for translating precise locations on the body. Each question and answer led the facilitator and client down a path that revealed both the source of the illness, stress or disease, and what remedy was required to reverse it.

This usually happened very quickly and easily and the client went through a dramatic physical change. They sometimes reacted with an intense emotional experience by just answering truthfully and honestly to each question asked. No magic, no crystals, no laying on of hands, just a creative and sacred use of body language reading and asking the right questions. It also helped that each session was done from a sacred space holding the vision for a person’s victory. It is rare to find practitioners willing to see their clients only in their perfection as though nothing was wrong with them! This is the exact opposite of the allopathic models.

  • What if we could partner with our body to better understand what it is communicating to us, or calling upon us through some form of pain or limitation to manifest more love in our current reality?
  • What if every single symptom we feel or experience is a form of consciousness that our spirit or greater self is bringing our attention to?
  • What if our outer form truly is the mirror for our inner consciousness?
  • What if our bodies only go into pain or stress when we hold back from making important changes or transformations that our spirit came here to experience or resolve?
  • What if all of our hidden and limited beliefs, emotional patterns, negative thoughts and language patterns could be revealed by translating the symptoms we experience in physical form?

If these questions have a possibility of being true for us, it means we could gain access into understanding ourselves on a much deeper and connective level. It would be a sacred body translation process. It would mean we could connect with ourselves the next time we get hurt or experience illness. We could then gain real wisdom or insight relating to the affected areas without relying on someone else to try and fix or heal us.

For instance, if I know the translations of what hands have to do with our expression or consciousness, the next time I injure my hand I could ask myself, “What am I having a difficult time “handling” right now in my life?”  [Hands=Handling].  This question alone could wake me up to something specific I was thinking or feeling at the time of my injury. It could reveal that I was concentrating on a limited thought, not wanting to handle a negative feeling I had or someone else’s negative thoughts or feelings about me.  Each question I ask would open a door to a new perception of myself. I could learn how I may or may not be handling something very important in my life. I could then be aware of any limitation I was holding to be true, make a new choice about it, and voila! The pain in my hand goes away, and it heals quickly!

To further my inquiry, if the pain is in my left hand (which is the “feminine receptive” side of my body), I have more information to help me discover if it has to do with me handling a female figure, or receiving something. If it’s my right hand it may be more about my “masculine doing, handling a male figure” or what I am creating for myself. Each level and question can get me closer to the truth. If it’s the top of my hand it may be about other people I am having a tough time handling, [Top=Others]. If it’s the palm of my hand [Bottom=Self], it may be more about the pain of not handling myself very effectively. If it’s a particular finger I have even more info.

  • Index finger = giving or receiving direction.
  • Middle finger = Receiving or sharing my divinely gifted strengths.
  • Ring finger = Receiving help from others or giving help to others.
  • Pinky finger = giving/receiving intimacy, abundance, desires.

Depending which part of the flange of my finger is affected provides even more detail as to how distant or close the integration of the issue is for me.

The age old questions of “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?” gets some light. If we begin to flip our current understandings into the new concept that we experience stress, conflict, illness and limitations for an important reason, then the next question is how do we discover the real reason, and what can we do to resolve it?

Our bodies may in fact be acting as a flawless warning and guidance system

Is it possible that our greatest weaknesses (symptoms) can be way-showers to wake us up to our true perfection or fully embodied strengths? Our bodies may in fact be acting as a flawless warning and guidance system showing us specifically where and what requires our attention. This experience happens for us to help bring our focus to transmuting whatever weaknesses we see or have into our new strengths. Each illness, injury, stress or disease is just the vehicle with which we are testing ourselves to see if we are finally ready to attain our inner victory through the mirror of our outer environment.  It also means at the simplest level that the body signals we receive are simply a call for us to wake up to a greater love and fully expressed potential for ourselves and others.

On the flip side, if we fail to take responsibility for what we have done to create these life lessons, and go into denial, blaming or shaming others; we suppress the issue deeper into our subconscious and store them into our organs and tissues. Over time this denial or resistance to heal becomes disintegrative and interrupts the chemistry and functions of our cells. This is the inevitable process and onset of disease.

Sacred body language allows us to name specifically what really is going on so that we have power over the limitation. Body Language patterns are dynamic conversations that allow us insight into the most sacred aspect of our lives. Our body is our temple, our union and our connection with the divine. To have the ability to translate and communicate directly with our subconscious mind by reading our bodies guarantees us our “aha moment” of what the symptom or pattern is really about.

Our bodies’ symptoms reflect our withholding of love, our limited beliefs, our self-sabotage, our unhealthy addictions, and our stress. When we come to peace and resolve what is calling to be resolved, express from our hearts and become fully present, our bodies also come to peace, balance and health.

We have within us a divine blueprint that is designed to move us upscale. Sacred Body Translations brings the physiology into conscious awareness where we can find new agreements to feel, and make new choices. This comes from understanding what our body’s story is telling us about our stored memories, and unresolved issues. This experience is true partnership with our bodies. It is an acceptance and recognition of self. It is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling relationships we can have in this life.



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