Say Goodbye to Someday

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You have dreams. You have ambitions. Are you seeing them come true? If so, congratulations! Keep going. If not, why not?

Before taking the stage at a conference or event, I deliberately walk around the room and introduce myself to everyone there. As a speaker, I want to make an initial connection with my audience as soon as possible. I’ve watched this simple action take a room full of strangers and turn them into active and interested participants.

As I introduce myself to each person I ask questions like, what made you decide to attend this conference. Or, if you peel away everything about you or your business, what is the one thing you love doing most. I get a wild array of responses, but there is one response that has become increasingly consistent from audience to audience. What I hear often is, “Someday I’d like to…” This sentence usually ends with things like, “Someday I’ll finish my book.” or “Someday I hope to start my business.” or “Someday I will get my degree.” Someday. Someday. Someday. I have looked all over the calendar and I can’t find “someday” anywhere.

Someday is not a date. Someday is not a plan. Someday is not a time line. Someday destroys your dreams and erodes your future. It may even be damaging your children’s future because of the example you are setting.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t want to do.” That’s a quote I’ve heard from several sources. It’s pretty straight forward and can be a little insulting, but it’s true. How do successful people become successful? They deliberate do things that others don’t feel like doing. They sacrifice now because they know the reward of that sacrifice has a huge pay-off.

Your deliberately decisions determine your destiny. You get to decide what happens next for you. Maybe it’s overcoming an obstacle, or maybe it’s one small step toward a goal. Either way, that’s progress. If you deliberately take the time to work on one thing every day, you will be successful.

When you make deliberate decisions toward the things you want to accomplish you will make room for a lot more good to come your way. Indecision is costly. In- decision only delays the future you can already see in your mind.

Whatever you give your mind to think about, that’s what it will think about. If you allow yourself to view the world as a negative place with obstacles and road- blocks, then that is what you will find. When you make the deliberate decision to focus on opportunities and your cre- ative ideas, that’s what you will discover everywhere you look. 



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