September 2015- Living on Purpose

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September 2015Hello Conscious Shifters,

Welcome to the September 2015 edition of Conscious Shift Magazine and Living on Purpose.

What does it mean to live on purpose?  Is living on purpose about an endless list of goals to check off? Maybe living purposeful is about helping others and marching to the drum of a common cause.

When thinking about living purposeful lots of things come to mind, yet how many of the “purposeful” thoughts and behaviors are really ours? How many of our purpose’s bring pure joy to our heart and make us leap out of bed each morning saying, “Yes! I get to do this another day! I love being me!”…

When I was young I participated in Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Participating in C.A.P. gave me a sense of purpose and clarity that I had never felt before. I became a glider pilot, a student ambassador to Europe for the U.S. government, attended command Sargent Major school,water survival training with F-16 pilots, and all before the age of twenty one. I loved playing soldier it was my purpose.   I loved being in charge and marching. I,however,  did not love giving myself to the opinion of others. I did not like being told what to do every moment of every day, nor did I like the “should” part of military life and this is where the whole thing Shifted for me.  I began to find new goals and dreams that came from within me instead of from others.  I looked with in instead of always feeling like I was going with out and I started to see things differently.

I began to understand that purpose changes. I started to see and think for myself by trying new things.  It was this Shift in purpose that lead me to experience heart-felt joy for the first time in my life.  I began to understand that being honest about how I felt and speaking up for who I am is what makes purpose show its self.  I also see that it was okay to want something today and know that tomorrow I could choose different because life is about the ebb and flow of purpose. Life is about saying “Yes!” to heart felt possibility.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.

Neo’s entire being is about purpose. He doesn’t know a life without it and today his purpose is to just be.
Peace & Joy

Tracey R Kern
Conscious Shift Magazine


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