September 2019- Reaching Critical Mass

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Its Always Darkest Before the Dawn


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This month Conscious Shift is Shifting about Reaching Critical Mass

Critical Mass and the changes that come with it are…well critical. Critical Mass is that place when you realize enough is enough.  It’s kind of like that glass of tea that will not take any more sugar and so it pools at the bottom of your glass. Supersaturation or as we call it this month Critical Mass.

It feels to me as thought things have reached Critical Mass in our world.  Everything from politics to the environment are at a tipping point forcing big and dramatic things to happen.  The world and the way we live in it has reached a state of supersaturation and we are now at a place of Critical Mass.

Lately it seems as though I am feeling Critical Mass everywhere. Every time I turn on the TV, drive in traffic, have a business conversation and when I get dressed in the morning.

Yes, when I get dressed in the morning.

It seems that my body has become like the tea glass with too much sugar and now the extra is pooling and expanding, but unlike the sugar in the bottom of the glass I can’t continue to just drink around it.

In recognizing my personal Critical Mass, I have decided to do something about it and in a way I have never tried before.  I have deciding to say no more.  No more Critical Mass for me instead I choose to be proactive and I am getting Conscious about my actions.  I am standing in my place of being with healthy and authentic focus and declaring what I choose instead of living in what has come to be.

I am then following up with purposeful action that is backed by this beingness.  I am creating authentic powerful choice and moving forward.  And you know what? Its working I’m seeing the results.

About six months into my journey of being focused on “mass-lessness” I realized something.  I realized that I had to have things get out of hand before I took action, and that once I took action, I saw possibilities I never knew existed.  I also saw things that I could no longer ignore.  It was in this place of self-awareness that I said to myself, “This stops here.”.

Right here and now I choose to Consciously Shift this situation.

When I got really focused and purposeful about my decision, I realized Critical Mass and the choice to Shift wasn’t just happening for me and the way my clothes fit. Critical Mass was showing up everywhere and every day.

Critical Mass and its ripple effects are showing up and tipping the scales of balance everywhere.  Critical Mass and all its many faces are showing up and asking us all to decide.  Do we want more of the same? Are we happy with what the world is showing us, or do we want change?

Chances are if you are reading Conscious Shift you are wanting change and in a positive way. If that is you then I have great news….

Critical Mass is Shifting. Just like the clothes in my closet that forced me to say no more our world is saying the same thing. No more. It’s time to get purposeful, focused, and authentic because it’s time for Conscious Shifting.

“The whole world is very bright. The darker the clouds, the greater the light.” 
― Mao Zedong

Welcome down the rabbit hole of Critical Mass.

Peace & Joy
Tracey R Kern
Publisher Conscious Shift Magazine
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