Seven Ways to Start That Big, Big Dream

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Deliberate actions from for putting the Bid Dream into action.

fotolia © Kenishirotie

fotolia © Kenishirotie

You’ve got something big and exciting that you want to accomplish. Maybe it’s a long time dream or a new idea you’ve had lately. It may seem overwhelming. It may seem too good to be true that you can actually accomplish it. But you really want to and you can do it!

No one just happens into their best accomplishments. You have to deliberately make it a priority to pursue your big dreams.

Here are seven confident ways to deliberately achieve your big idea…

1. Write Down Your Idea So Your Mind Can Work On It.
Write down your idea and all your other thoughts about your idea. This will keep your mind from having to remember all the fantastic thoughts you have had. So many times we have great ideas that vanish as quickly as we think of them. Write all those things down! When you write your big idea down and refer to it often, you mind continually creates new and exciting thoughts. It’s a contagious and exciting process.

2. Talk About It, But Don’t Tell People It’s Your Dream
Sharing your big idea with people close to you can be very rewarding. On the other hand, how many times have you been so excited to share your big idea with everyone you meet only to get criticism or negative feedback? That can be so defeating! Not everyone will be excited about your goal. Instead of sharing your idea with everyone, talk about your idea using these questions to investigate your idea with others…

• What would be your best advice for someone who is about to _____________?
• If someone came up to you and asked ________, what would you tell them to do?
• I know you have ________ before. How would you advise someone else who is trying to do the same thing in his/her life? (or in his/her business)?

Customize these questions to fit your specific big idea. Invite people to be curious with you about the possibilities. It’s a great way to get different perspectives from friends and experts.

3. Build Your Support Team
A team is a powerful force in accomplishing a big goal. They can help you stay on course even when you come up against road blocks or discouragement. A team can help you brain storm solutions or new ways to look at an old problem. Your team should include…

• Cheer Leaders – Parents, family or friends who love you and want to see you succeed
• Accountability Partners – Family, friends or colleagues who will constantly ask you if you’re staying on track and won’t accept your excuses.
• Others With Big Ideas – People who have their own big ideas. People you can share resources, stories, and encouragement with as you both strive to accomplish your big ideas.
• Mentors – People who have been where you want to be or have done what you want to do. These are people who can help you build your action plan. Spend time with them. Ask questions. Listen.

fotolia © Kenishirotie

fotolia © Kenishirotie

4. Create A Dynamic Action Plan
Your plan is your road map. When your action plan is dynamic, it will move and change and grow as you do. Adjustments in your plan are inevitable because you will learn something different or meet someone new or run into a road block. Consider these adjustments an opportunity to get closer to accomplishing your big goal.

5. Do Something From Your plan EVERYDAY
This is your big idea, right? You know how great it will be when you finally complete that big idea, right?! That is exactly why you have to get after this every day. You can make it come true.

6. Never Turn Down Advice – No Matter How Bad It Sounds
I don’t mean to say that all the advice you get is going to be good. It definitely won’t. People are always willing to give their opinion. We know that all too well. My point is to always listen to advice offered to you. Then decide for yourself what advice is helpful to you and what advice you choose to leave behind for someone else.

7. Partner With People You Can Help and Will Help You
Combining knowledge and resources and excitement with others who aspire to see great things happen in the world is extremely motivating. Determine what expertise or insight or connections you have that can benefit someone else. Write down what you need to make your big idea come true and look for people who can help.

The same process actually works for anything you want to accomplish, big or small. Remember, no one just happens into their best accomplishments. You have to deliberately make it a priority to pursue and accomplish your big dreams.



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