She Was a Butterfly

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Being Free to Own Your Thoughts

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Not the kind who locks herself in a cocoon and awaits transformation, but the one who just appears, sitting amongst the wildflowers as you are taking your morning stroll through the meadows. She is the one you see flying over the poppy fields, with that kind of grace you hear only the angels talking about.

She was a butterfly.

It’s as if she never knew a life without wings and like the shifts in the wind were made for her path through the open air. The low-lying clouds change their direction at her notice, the rainbows extend their colorful bridges of Faith at her coming, and the trees bend over backwards in her honor, so she knows no life of interference.

She was a butterfly.

Made to be a visual blessing, marked with black and blue tales of disadvantages thrown at her in lifetimes past, she glides over her mirrored image in the mountain streams. When she lands, it is with a certainty that the flowers of her choice are the sweetest in the field.

She was a butterfly.

Upon her last descent into the garden, in which she first appeared, the daisies greeted her, and the sunflowers lowered their heads, as if to bow at her return. She closed her wings, atop the strongest rock, turned in gratefulness to the skies and drifted off in thought about her first flight.

She was a butterfly.

She disappears, just as she appears; with a gentle ease, she simply tucks herself under a sea grape leaf somewhere by the ocean. Cooled by the heart-shaped shade, at last she can be everything and think of nothing.





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