Shifting Our Consciousness

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Falling into Alignment



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This year hasn’t worked out like I thought it would, flowers have gone unsold, weddings and events were canceled or postponed, visits with friends and family didn’t happen. When I look at it this way, I could get depressed.

There is a bright side, so I am choosing to focus on that. I have had more quality time with my wife, the pace of our lives has slowed a bit so we may enjoy our gardens, and I have had the time to work on my upcoming book. The contrast between last year and this year has given me an opportunity to rethink how I want my life to unfold in the future.

Throughout this year I have learned what is important for me, and what I can leave behind. This realization was not only limited to just physical objects, although I have taken a lot of stuff to the thrift store. I have learned I can release the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve my best interest and the greater good from my consciousness.

To do this I ask myself if a thought or belief has a foundation in love. If not, I shift my focus away from the thoughts or belief, and continue to shun it if it reappears in my consciousness. This way I build a thought pattern that is filled with love, kindness, and compassion. If I lose focus and become judgmental, or negative, I ask if this behavior is rooted in love, or am I satisfying my fragile ego?

At times, looking at the global landscape with a consciousness of love can be a challenge for us to maintain. What options do we have if we choose to look at the world through negative thoughts and beliefs? Where does that mindset get us, and how does that impact the world around us? As our shift toward a loving consciousness gains momentum, it will become easier for us to go through our day because we can recognize the shift that is taking place in other people. Rather than accepting the status quo, we will be moving toward a more loving way of life.

Around the world people are challenging this outdated reality with the desire to build a world that is more inclusive. At the root of this global movement is a shift in consciousness to one that is more kind and loving.

We are bombarded with a lot of anger and frustration during the twenty-four hour news cycle; some of this anger is justified while some is not. If we take a closer look within our local communities, we will see more reasons to be hopeful than we observe on the evening news. People are beginning to release old patterns of behavior because a positive light has illuminated the darkness of negativity that was once an accepted way of life.

When a shift in consciousness begins, we realize we are being educated by what is happening in the world around us. We are learning that the contrast between what we see on the news, and what we know to be true in our hearts, is helping us focus more clearly on the positive changes we want to experience in the world. These changes will affect our way of thinking and living, and we will recognize this time as an opportunity to reach for higher levels of loving consciousness.

The question is, do we have the courage to continue the work of releasing the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve the common good? Or, do we let this opportunity slip away as we have in the past? Those are the choices we face every day, to be compassionate and inclusive, or return to old, obsolete ways of thinking and living.

Even though we may believe things are falling apart around us, what if we saw these events as opportunities to build the world we always wanted to experience? The world we want our children to inherent? It all begins with a shift in our consciousness, a change in the way we perceive each other, and an awareness of how our thoughts and beliefs create the world in which we live.





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