Sixty Minutes To A Lifetime

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Inspiration and Insight from NFL Coach Bob Slowik


Football is the ideal analogy for life. It represents a finite period of time offering an endless combination of outcomes. Told from the perspective of a former NFL Coach, Sixty Minutes to a Lifetime shares stories about the power of the indomitable human spirit and how that mindset functions within the context of a team to redefine success. The game of football is played on one of the world’s biggest stages. For sixteen precious, regular season games, a community of players, fans, and coaches comes together. Football is a lot like life and life is a lot like football. It offers a finite period of time — an opportunity. A chance to do the best job you can. Whether or not you’re an NFL pro, we all have obstacles to surmount – we all have a game day for which we need support and guidance. Contemplating life after a twenty-year career in the NFL allowed one coach the chance to consider how to perpetuate the legacy of leadership. There are many ways to lead. But when you think back on how you led, what is it you want people to remember? Coach Bob Slowik: “I believe a pseudo leader leaves you with a feeling of their greatness and an authentic leader leaves you with a feeling of your greatness.” As for his life after the NFL, Coach Slow understands the good he wants to do; based on the lessons he has taught, and those learned from his time in the league. The goal of his latest endeavor is a multi-faceted one. Coach Slow is providing an insider’s look into a game that holds tremendous intrigue. He has the insight to give both professional and aspiring coaches the Xs and Os they seek to bring their team to success, while perpetuating the essence of the game in true insider fashion. Coach Slow’s passion is to encourage communities of people to be educated and inspired.


About The Author ~ Coach Bob Slowik is a member of a Super Bowl Championship team and nine years as a defensive coordinator with the National Football League provide a perspective on leadership that few people experience.

Because a defensive coordinator reports to a head coach, the position offers the vantage point of both a leader and a team member. This awareness lends the ability to impart lessons on how to lead with the understanding of what it’s like to be led – all under the bright lights of the big leagues.

Over the course of his almost thirty-five-year career, Bob Slowik spent time in the company of people at their best and at their worst. He has seen how people respond to success and how they extend their humanity; on- and off-camera. His was that rarefied experience of life in the NFL.

Bob and his wife Carol are the proud parents of four children: Ryan, Andrea, Bobby and Steven.

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