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A Happier Life Through Purposeful Meditation


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In everyday life, we struggle to keep order in what is generally a disordered world. The pressure that we put on ourselves, whether it’s the result of relationships we have, our occupation, or the stress that comes with a global pandemic, can lead us to feeling anxious, depressed and fatigued.  

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the amount of people who have turned to self-help, specifically spirituality and meditation, has increased.  

The Benefits of Meditation  

The benefits of becoming more spiritual and engaging in meditative practices are tenfold as numerous studies have confirmed frequent bouts of meditation can lower your blood pressure, improve concentration, decrease stress and improve your mental and physical health. Here’s just some of the benefits of spirituality and meditation:  

 Improve Your Self-Esteem –Becoming more spiritual and meditating forces you to slow down. This, in turn, allows you to think more about yourself and your qualities, reflecting deeper on those qualities than you would in normal life. It can be a proficient way of discovering more of your own positive attributes.  

Manage Anxiety and Depression –Meditating encourages you to focus on the present. Because of this, you are less likely to fixate on any of your day-to-day thoughts that could be contributing towards feelings of depression and anxiety. Meditation is being recognised more in the field of mental health and is now a key component in many different treatment plans.  

Reduce Stress – Cortisol is the hormone that is most commonly associated with stress. It has been proven that regular meditation reduces the level of cortisol that people have in their bodies. Not to mention, those who meditate by repeating a mantra, focus on that mantra, in turn shifting concentration away from intrusive and stressful thoughts.  

 Control Pain –Many people utilise spirituality and meditation as a way to reduce pain that they suffer from, which can include chronic, acute or post-surgical pain. It is being recommended by doctors in numerous pain management plans.  

 Anti-Aging – As a knock-on effect from a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression, becoming more spiritual and engaging in regular meditation can help slow the signs of aging.   

Different Practices of Meditation  

Because of the numerous practices of spirituality and meditation that are available, it is increasingly easy for those new to self-healing to find a method that works for them. Some practices are more widespread, such as guided and unguided meditation, calming, insight and loving kindness. On the other hand, there are more practices that have being newly developed, and though these are not the most well-known, are arguably more effective.  

Take the work of Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha for example; when meditation and spirituality are used as methods of healing, they are not used as stand-alone treatments but rather as part of a larger plan. Master Sha, having knowledge in both western medicine and more traditional eastern spiritual practices, has founded new methods of meditation, such as Tao Spirituality, that are a combination of the two.  

One of the specific methods of meditation that he is responsible for is Tao Healing Hands. This is a spiritual transmission that has helped people with addiction, mental health issues and created harmony within relationships. Because everything in the world has a frequency and vibration, it combines the extremely high frequency and vibrations and creates Tao Healing Hands. It allows practitioners to absorb negative messages that are having a detrimental impact on people and transform them into something positive.  

This method of healing has been adopted by counsellor Dr Monique Giard. Following the tragic suicide of her sister, Monique set out to study psychology and became a counsellor with the intention of helping people who might be going through similar circumstances. With a burning desire to help people but limited resources to do so, when she came across the impact that spirituality and meditation – specifically Tao Healing Hands – could have on people, she became a practitioner herself and began to use it regularly in practice. As a result, she has helped hundreds of clients with exceptional results as people have overcome addiction, mental health issues and physical limitations.  


Final thoughts 

The benefits of engaging with meditation and spirituality speak for themselves. Practicing meditation frequently has been proven to lead to better mental and physical health as you are prompted to slow down and simply take some time to yourself.  

Multiple methods of meditation are available and whilst some are more common than others, new developments that combine western medicine with more traditional practices are seen to have outstanding effects. Tao Healing Hands is a prime example of how these methods can be utilised alongside clinical practices to phenomenal gain.  

 About the Author: Francisco Quintero is a spiritual teacher, who follows Tao Spirituality, led by humanitarian Master Zhi Gang Sha. He is also author of bestselling book Divine Joy: How to Find Joy in Daily Life. As a leading teacher of Tao Spirituality, Francisco has developed training programs worldwide. With his expertise, wisdom, and knowledge, he has assisted in training over 6,000 soul practitioners and teachers around the world. To learn more visit




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