Soften Your Heart

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Soften Your Heart


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Do you compare yourself to others? Do you dream about wishful changes in your life? When you compare yourself to others or wish you had a different life, you are not being honest to your heart. You are conferring with your feelings. What you feel in yourself is not the same as what you know in your heart. If you pay attention to the feeling, you will feel that some people are better, and you are worse. You will lock yourself into the comparison.

Go to your heart and there you will know differently.

Most people are accustomed to feeling and then thinking about what they are feeling. Your state of mind is determined by your feelings. If you feel not good you will use your thinking to support what you are feeling. And, you may be upset or hard on yourself.

When you change the movement of energy from thinking because you feel, to relaxing into what you know in your heart, you relax. You open and soften in your heart. Instead of consulting what you feel, relax and open your heart despite your feelings. The more you know the more you soften your heart and the more you see. Go to what you honestly know and be that. Then you will know more.

Your inner well-being grows and is nurtured by you opening and softening your heart.


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