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Being fit is more than how your body looks, its also about how you accept and flow with change.

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As we move from January to February the energy of change continues. New beginnings, how to get and stay “fit”, be fluid, in every area of our lives. In his January energy forecast, Lee Harris tells us one of the big themes for 2016 is “boldness”.

A good question to ask in the month of love and relationships is how you can be the “right size and shape” with care for yourself and your relationships. Is there a bold move you can make to be more “right sized” in relationship with yourself first, then your family?

Looking back what did you want to change from last year or what did you want to do differently in January? Are you following through on your intention to eat a bit healthier or to exercise more? If not, what bold step can you take to make that happen? Do you need support or a buddy? Do you want to rethink what you thought you wanted or how you wanted to do it?

Don’t forget, there’s a lot more to being the “right size and shape”, or fit, than just what we eat or how much we exercise. With all that happens in life, our instant access to one another, social media, the news, and just daily living there’s no doubt much can happen to take your attention away from staying “fit” with yourself, family and children. Trusting, nurturing and aligning with what your inner self truly desires to feel fit, yet fluid, is important.

Pay attention to your energy and observe the energy of your children or grandchildren. When do you notice your energy draining or your children’s energy dip? Have you created an energy fitness routine for yourself? If you have one, is there a bold step you can take? Try a Chi Gong Class, Tai Chi, sign up for a new yoga class or learn a new energy modality.

Your positive changes affect not only yourself but those around you. Your children learn by modeling the energy of the peace you embody. Do you mediate or have quiet time, even if it’s just for a few minutes? If you do, what can you do to take a risk, be bold and bring that up a level?

See what occurs if you let go of the mind set that you don’t have time. Watch how life flows when you take the time to be still, or listen to a short mediation, even when you are super busy. Watch time collapse and see magic happen with the time in your day.

Once you have taken a bold step, take a moment and consider the ages of your children. What small quiet ritual can you create before bedtime or when things get chaotic? For young children try this: tell them to lay down, put their hands on their tummy, and then have them to breath through their nose “pretending” to blow up a balloon. It will calm their mind and their body.

There are many great children’s yoga books and meditation audios that are playful and fun. Check out Amazon and other sites.


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