Spiritual Beings Experiencing a Physical Existence

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© Detelina Petkova - Fotolia.com

© Detelina Petkova – Fotolia.com

I first and foremost want to say how grateful I am to have the time to share with others my passion for Health.   I know on a deep level, that the start of the FB health community, being a Health and Fitness contributor for Conscious Shift Magazine, and the Competition lifestyle are the perfect balance for me.  The key to understanding here is that my first and foremost # 1 priority is my family.  I have the ability to intertwine all these elements while I make sure that Lauren is off to school and picked up so she can carry on with her active lifestyle.

I truly feel ABUNDANT.    “Abundance is the ability to do what you want to do, when you need to do it.”  I also believe that anything that the heart desires will manifest if you are following your bliss.  If there is information which I feel would be beneficial to others, you are guaranteed I will write about it.  This is one aspect of why I write about the intrinsic motivation of health and fitness.

I am a seeker of thought and want to know where it comes from.  Being kinesthetic in nature, I need to feel my muscles working or the action of taking deep breaths.  Why do we have the thoughts that arise on a daily basis and is there a pattern?  Can we shift and create new networks to alter our thought pattern?  YOU BET.  Dig deep to become a soul archaeologist.

Some have relayed their conjecture to me in regards to the body building lifestyle.  While there will always be “meat heads who grunt and groan and pill pop” there are others like myself who are a little gentler with expressing our passion.  When I enter the gym, I usually wear a hat to keep my vision and focus.  I go in with the mentality to do what I need to do, get out and carry on with my day.  It is the fuel and strength I need to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I have just begun to understand how the spiritual aspect interlaces with the trinity.  You hear about the Mind, Body and Spirit in health, but how do they correlate?  I grow spiritually by pushing past my own mental barriers to decipher what thoughts I need to shift to get me through.  By continuing to repetitively shift my thoughts and endure through the barrier, I understand a little more about my psyche.  Every day is a different and personal perspective.  By understanding through physical strength, I am able to intertwine the perspective in other areas of life, for they are all connected.

I also believe that we are expressions or little parts of the Universe.  This is where some would say, “OK, this girl is just weird.”  Perhaps so, but we all come with our own weirdness.  If we are expressions of the universe and it feels through us, then isn’t it our responsibility to feel joy, enthusiasm, strength and love so we can nourish it?  Our bodies are comprised of approx. 70% water which coincides with the Earth.  If this is so, then shouldn’t we be consuming enough water to replenish both?  Knowing that we are all connected in ways to each other, and to the earth, puts a spin on perspective.  If we are in a positive and loving state, then we are giving back to others and the universal forces simply by energy.  Everything that we see and experience is simply vibration.  If our thoughts are consumed by beauty, love, strength, compassion, growth and service, then by the laws of attraction, we will experience this in our lives.  Wishful thinking is a great start, but amplify the energy by feeling as though you are experiencing the vision you have projected out into the Universe.   The focus will strengthen the more you live in the moment.  If the choice is to alchemise your body mass into strength, then visualize and feel yourself in your perfect state.  Once you have accomplished the intrinsic motivation, go ahead and make the necessary changes to your lifestyle.  Once this has been done, become aware of the synchronicities that are conspiring to help you along your way.


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