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          Wellness is a “Whole Person” approach.


Dr Kym BTNBEYOND the needle with Dr Kym Caporale specializes in working with patients and their physician(s) to creatively meet a singular goal: Helping a person to become as healthy as possible. For fertility patients, that might mean IVF with a side of acupuncture. Weight loss patients may benefit from an on-staff nutritionist, exercise advice and hormonal testing. Every case is different; each protocol is carefully planned to meet the individuals needs.



The Caporale Center of Natural Health specialize in

~Gastro Intestinal issues  ~ Acupuncture Facials. ~ Infertility issues  ~Pre & Post Conception


Services We Offer…


St Petersburg Acupuncture - The Caporale Center specializes in working with patients and their physician(s) to creatively meet wellness as a “Whole Person” approach. Call 727-521-0210 to schedule.

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The Chinese have been refining and practicing Acupuncture for over 3,000 years, with consistent and remarkable effects. Acupuncture was founded on a body of knowledge that has developed from ongoing and systematic observation of the effect of needling specific points and areas of the body. Acupuncture has evolved as an essentially empirical science. The far reaching impact of this ancient medical system for healing, wellness and transformation could well herald the medicine of the future.




© Monika Wisniewska

© Monika Wisniewska

Homeopathy is the 250 year-old tradition of using very potent serial dilutions of the very substance that at higher, pharmacological levels would cause the very symptoms and suffering that homeopathic prepared medicine would alleviate. The discipline of homeopathy strives to bring the body in balance gently, safely and consistently. A licensed Homeopath can use a remedy on a holistic medicine system. The whole person perspective of alternative medicine is used and a remedy is very individualized.



Auricular Therapy

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© karelnoppe

There are more than 200 acupuncture points in the cartilage of the outer ear that correspond to other parts of the human body. Treatment of these points is called auriculotherapy. Research has proven that micro current treatment of these points can be more effective and more efficient in treating health concerns and disorders than acupuncture needles. Auriculotherapy can be used to treat multiple problems simultaneously, taking less treatment time than traditional acupuncture.



About Dr KymDr Keym

A Florida licensed and board certified acupuncture physician, Dr Caporale holds a Masters degrees in oriental medicine, communication disorders and education. She has over 25 years of experience in clinical settings and shares her expertise with clients and practitioners throughout the United States. In addition to running her clinical practice she offers acupuncture  treatments in her St Petersburg office. She is an adjunct instructor at East West College and sits on the institution’s oversight committee.

Dr Caporale believes in a personalized approach to medicine, combining therapies as needed to assist with disease prevention and elimination of stress and pain through immune system enhancement. To learn more about Dr Caporale and The Caporale Center of Natural Healing.

Call for info or to make an appointment  at 727-521-0210 or visit Beyond the needle with Dr Kym Caporale,DOM

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