January 2017- Start Right Now

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 Projecting Possibility for a Grateful and Abundant New Year

Fotolia  © gustavofrazao

Fotolia © gustavofrazao

Hello and thank you for Consciously Shifting with us.  For 2017 we choose to start the New Year with a wide variety of possibilities and ideas. Possibilities that will help you make 2017 the best year yet for you, your family and your world. Start right now!

I know I use the word possibility a lot. I also say Conscious and Shift and Shifting and Consciously more than most. I’m not just saying them because they are the name of my magazine or because they appear in my book. I say these words often because I choose to find possibility in the little things and I choose to be Conscious about life and Shift things when life needs to change course.

Living Conscious and speaking Consciously helps me live my life peacefully and purposefully. Being Conscious helps me focus on what could be while helping me Shift what does not work. Approaching life Consciously and filled with possibility creates beautiful Shifts for me. I did it again just can’t help myself, Consciously Shifting and creating possibilities is just who I choose to be.

What I am trying to say, while poking fun at myself, is that 2017 is a new year and the perfect time for you to establish some new habits and thoughts. It’s also a perfect time to Consciously Shift your world into possibility. Start right now


Welcome to a new year filled with Conscious Shifting.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.


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Tracey R Kern
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