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Solar Turbulence

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Mercury Retrograde ended February 26th and Jupiter Retrograde ends on March 6th.  A retrograding planet asks us to review, revisit, revise, re-do, recreate, etc. anything in our lives that is not working.  If you spent some time in February reviewing your goals, revisiting old relationships, and reorganizing your closets, perhaps you were in sync with the planetary energies.  Good for you!  You probably are more finely attuned to your inner self and the energies of the universe.  But not everyone is that self-aware or tuned into their own energy.

This month, it’s full steam ahead into the new Chinese Year of the Horse which will be full of fast paced action and adventure.   Jupiter going direct will finally bring much needed relief to many people as the blessings and good fortune of this benefic planet will start to move forward.  We will leave behind the last six months of delay, frustration, and revisiting our belief systems during Jupiter retrograde.  Expansion and good fortune will come in whatever astrological house (part of your life) that Jupiter has been transiting through the last six months.  New projects can now be initiated and move forward with success.

Birth charts hold the key. 

If you did not go within or review your life goals during Jupiter Retrograde this past winter, it’s never too late to start.  With Jupiter going direct, some people will feel the need to change their beliefs and expand their outlook now.  One way to do this is to have your birth chart read by a professional astrologer.  The birth chart holds enormous information about your inner self, your strengths, your challenges, and what would make you happy in this life.  It’s up to you to actually make the changes in limiting beliefs that allow this good fortune to happen with Jupiter going direct.

This year will be a productive, fast paced year and it’s important to know yourself and what your goals are so you can take advantage of all the opportunities that might come your way and release any emotional blockages that hold you back.  In other words, if you take the time to look within, you might actually be able to get up on that horse and smoothly ride through this year with clear goals in mind.  Knowing yourself arms you with validation of your strengths and skills. Knowing the planetary challenges that might be coming up for you allow you to steer the horse around them to minimize their impact.

Working thru inner self during this year.

Sometimes we have challenges or traumas in life that have created energetic blocks within our energy field or aura, thus holding us back from our full potential.  Another way to work with your inner self during this year is to address energetic blocks by identifying them and releasing them through many different energetic healing modalities such as Chakra Balancing, Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Magnified Healing, and so on.  There are so many energetic healing modalities, I cannot list them all here, but once you decide to heal by working on your energy and emotional field, you will find that the right health practitioner and healing modality presents itself. The universe is funny that way.  You ask and you will receive!  We just need to notice the signs and opportunities being given to us and capitalize on them.

We create our belief system at a very young age.  Science tells us that most of our subconscious beliefs about life are formed before we are six years old.  Sometimes our well meaning parents or other adults  teach us limiting beliefs as a child that don’t really serve us well as adults.  For example, listening to my parents as a child, I came to believe that people who made money were selfish and probably had stepped on someone in the process of making their money.  That just isn’t always true, but because my parents had financial problems, they blamed others and I grew up thinking having money was bad.  This belief about money did not serve me as an adult and I had to change that belief subconsciously in order to attract a good income and to feel comfortable with money.

The way to address these limiting beliefs is first to identify them using astrology or mental health counseling.  Then we can work to change them at a subconscious level with hypnotherapy or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “tapping” as its commonly called.  Even some energy work can actually heal those limiting beliefs.  Affirmations that specifically address the changes you want to accomplish can also help.


All of these changes start with looking within yourself and really knowing who you are and what you believe deep down.  Then you can refine yourself into the person you want to be and someone who has gifts to give the world from your own inner abundance!


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