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© Sergey Nivens

© Sergey Nivens

Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world on a dream vacation? Who would you go with? What would you do and what are some of the things you would like to see?   Is your mind already daydreaming of the possibilities? Or do your thoughts go immediately to ‘that will never happen so why bother’? Guess what? Either way, you are right.   The theory behind the law of attraction states that we create our own realities with our thoughts. We attract things we want and things we don’t want. We attract people in our lives, stuff in our homes, and  money (or lack of it) into our bank accounts. If you are willing to believe that you can harness and re-direct the God-given power of imagination, then you have already taken the first step into creating the best version of you. You CAN create a better life (great trips included). Interested? Read on!

You may be familiar with the saying ‘thoughts are things’. This is the most simplified explanation of quantum physics – the why behind “we get what we think about’ and consistently focus on, since everything is energy, even our thoughts. Our thoughts have a vibration or frequency and ensure that the thoughts you are thinking today will become the thoughts and events in your life in the future…. And the other way around – the things and events in your life today, are the result of your past thoughts.

So how do we even begin to create the best version of ourselves when we don’t like what we see in the mirror or have a growing stack of bills on the kitchen counter? The most critical first step is to get very clear about what it is that you DO want, then look at the undercurrent of any limiting beliefs, and put some strategies in place to take steps to visualize and move towards those desires.

To begin, I invite you to make a list on a piece of paper with the following categories: your ideal work/career, your desired health and wellness goals, your key relationships (romantic, family, etc.), and your financial goals. Take some time to really think about the following statement as it applies to each category. “In my ideal life I would have ‘fill in the blank’ as my perfect work, my desired health, my relationships would be, and so on.   Are you feeling inspired or is your mind coming up with reasons why you can’t have what you want?

The undercurrent of limiting belief’s.

© Douglas Freer

© Douglas Freer

One of the reasons why we can ‘think’ about what we want and don’t see conditions change is because of the ‘undercurrent’ (or limiting belief) that counter-intends our desires and stops manifesting in its tracks.   I invite you to review the list you created and see if any desires have an undercurrent. You can identify them by writing out the following statement: I would love to have (fill in the blank) but I can’t because (fill in the blank). For example, you may want a new job with better pay but you think you can’t get one because the job market is slim for someone with your skills. Being aware of your limiting beliefs is important so that you can identify and re-direct your thinking to a better ‘receiving’ frequency. How? By re-phrasing the statement into something that invites Spirit to co-create with you. For example, “I am willing to believe that God/the universe is bigger than the job market and will guide me to the right opportunity.” This gives you a way to create a statement that you CAN believe in and that is what will put you more in alignment with attracting what you really desire.

Are you ready to meet the universe halfway? Ask yourself, “If I were the person who believed it was possible to have that new job (or whatever your desire is), what would I be doing? What habits would I have and how would I be spending my time?   The key is to begin doing those things ‘from that mindset of being that person’ now (without that new job) in whatever way you can, from where you are, with what you have. For example, perhaps you can ask a friend to help you with your resume or set up a LinkedIn profile. Be creative and persistent as you take small steps towards the ideal life you imagine.

Begin visualizing the outcomes and change you desire for 5-10 minutes a day. Can you see yourself texting a friend with the good news that you got a job interview? You’ll know your efforts are working when you experience more ‘coincidences’, ‘divine appointments’, and things that ‘just happen’ out of the blue. Get ready to say hello to the best version of YOU!

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