Stepping into Your Grandest Vision

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© freshidea – Fotolia

The decision to step into your grandest vision is the most important decision you will ever make in your life. When we accept a mission that is aligned with a higher purpose, everything changes. When you say “Yes!” to your calling, it’s like stepping onto the fast track of personal development. It’s exciting, exhilarating and sometimes intimidating, and it’s worth every bit of time and energy you put into it. An unbelievable amount of joy enters into your life when you discover your life’s purpose. Here are some tips to help you stay focused, encouraged and moving forward on your journey to fulfilling your dreams. Confidence and Clarity

Identify where you might be lacking confidence and what might be limiting your progress. It’s natural for some inner resistance to creep up when you’re about to make some major changes in your life. Listen to what you’re telling yourself. What are some of the beliefs you have that might limit or sabotage your success? Getting clear about your beliefs can point you towards some inner work that is essential to do before moving forward. Identifying and releasing limiting beliefs makes room for new beliefs that support your higher purpose. Journaling, meditation, spiritual practices and hypnotherapy are great tools to use for understanding, releasing, resolving and replacing limiting beliefs.

Get clear about your purpose. Write a list of your unique gifs, your core values and develop a working mission statement. When you know what you stand for and why you’re making changes, it’s easier to stay the course and keep your eye on the goal. If you plan to build a business and share your gifts with the world, knowing what you believe and why you believe it will also help you identify who you’ll serve. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you understand where to begin.


Connecting with like-minded people offers the opportunity to share ideas, learn new skills and build social support. Join an online community, go to networking events and seminars, or you can even start your own group using social media. You never know where you’ll find inspiration, or hear that one thing that you need to hear to motivate your next move on the journey.

Ask for Help

When you meet new people, look for those who have already done what you’re planning to do. Find a mentor, or someone who has what you want and ask for advice. Most people are excited to share their experience and hope with others. Life coaches, executive coaches, and spiritual guides are great resources who love to help people succeed on their journeys. Mastermind groups are designed specifically for the purpose of helping people succeed and move toward a definitive goal.

Be Present

Worrying about the future and regretting the past are two of the most common hindrances to success. Learning to stay in the present moment, while keeping your vision in mind, will help you remain calm, focused, determined, motivated and excited. Take time to just breathe and clear your mind of all the clutter. Enjoy the feeling of peace and serenity that comes with presence. Remember that you have been called to do something BIG, and when you accept that invitation to step into your vision, the only thing that can stop you from succeeding is your own thinking. Allow yourself some time to reflect, but don’t get caught up in regrets or worry. As long as you stay the course, everything and everyone you need to help you succeed will show up. Trust that everything that happens is part of the process.

Always remember why you’re on the path. When you’re clear about your mission, you’re learning from others and you’re taking deliberate action steps to achieve your goals, you are unstoppable. Choose to look at obstacles as opportunities for growth and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. Believe in yourself and your mission, and the universe will correspond with all you need to make it a reality.

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