Stop, Drop, and Roll back….

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Time to chill!

fotolia © alphaspirit

fotolia © alphaspirit

This month’s topic is about creating the grandest version of your greatest vision. My first impulse was to write about how the astrology birth chart can help you identify your greatest vision and your innate strengths. But the more I reflected on this topic, I realized that our visions change as we grow and age and we are ALWAYS trying to create the grandest version of that vision that occupies the greatest needs we have at a particular phase of life. We are changing our vision all the time and therefore must recreate the grand version of ourselves to keep up.

As Saturn begins to square Jupiter in the heavens, what’s important here is to focus on your vision, determine what phase of life are we living, and to get in touch with the inner self (or soul purpose) that is growing and evolving towards greater consciousness and more love. Astrology helps us identify the phases or cycles of life, particularly when looking at Saturn, which rules our responsibilities and structures (i.e. career(s)) in life. Are the structures and responsibilities we have supportive of our vision or dreams? Are we willing to give up temporary pleasure or happiness to build our foundations with hard work? Astrology can assist us in seeing the long term picture and temporary squares in our charts that challenge us so we can do the hard work knowing the payoff comes at a later date.

Jupiter rules our dreams and beliefs. It is the entrepreneur with big ideas, but Saturn in our charts is what gives our dreams structure and manifestation in our real world. Jupiter will be squaring Saturn from March 23, 2016 to May 26th, 2016. We will feel inner tension as our beliefs or dreams (Jupiter) collide with the reality of situations or the limitations of certain structures (Saturn). Jupiter’s need to expand our lives is possible, but we must take into consideration and respect Saturn’s discipline and careful planning during the months of April and May.

It will be important to slow down and take stock instead of barreling forward with impulsive action or aggression as Mars will be retrograde from April 17th to June 29th. Whoever starts a fight during this time will not win and that includes legal battles. Mars is the planet of new initiatives and action. When it is retrograde, it is not the best time to move forward with implementation of a new idea or plan. It is better to use this period of time to plan your action steps, review them, and make sure they are taking you in the direction you truly desire. Another aspect of the Jupiter/Saturn square is that contention or squabbles can occur over finances, relationship commitments, or belief systems.

fotolia © Christos Georghiou

fotolia © Christos Georghiou

What area of your life this affects is based on what planets and houses in your birth chart are being transited by Jupiter and Saturn. In general, we must be careful not to over indulge or over do things as Jupiter might incline us to do, but to keep discipline and structures intact if possible as we go through this period if they are what we truly want or if they truly serve our highest good. If something isn’t a part of our dreams or belief system (Jupiter), they will be challenged by Saturn, who teaches us how to manifest our deepest truth, even if that means changing some things in our lives.

It’s not all difficult times with this Jupiter/Saturn square though, because in some individual’s charts, they are being given the opportunity to give up and end destructive behavior patterns or addictions as Saturn shows them their overindulgence’s in pleasure and lack of discipline. Hard work and discipline during this time can really reap great benefits in the long term such as taking on a strict budget or restructuring debt to your advantage. These two months can be all about personal growth and long term foundations being set, if we use the planetary tensions correctly.

Mars Retrograde will be assisting by forcing us to slow down, review and gain confidence and courage to move forward this late summer to fall. Mars Retrogrades only occur once every two years and this one will be in the sign of Sagittarius and mostly Scorpio. So Scorpio sun and Scorpio rising people will feel it the most, but it affects ALL of us to some degree. Mars rules our sexuality and so does Scorpio, so sexual issues are likely to take center stage in some people’s lives. Wherever Mars is transiting through your chart, this is where you will encounter issues surrounding action, new initiatives, courage, goals, anger, aggression and physical energy as well. So these months are a good time to review your chart with your astrologer or just chill and take a vacation if you can do so!

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