Subconscious vs Conscious Choices

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© chaiyapruek – Fotolia

Scenario– Night Before

As I gather up my workout clothes for the next Morning, I am extremely pleased with myself for taking on this new health venture.  I am ready this time and promise that I will commit 100%.  I fall asleep with a new found mindset.


Alarm goes off at usual time and I wake up ready for the day.  As I walk down the hallway, I notice that my intention to workout is not as intense as the day before.  Oh well, perhaps after breakfast I will feel it surge.  I made the conscious choice to start making smoothies in the morning as a healthy alternative to my bagels.  As I am mixing up the fruit concoction, I take notice of the plump everything bagel in my peripheral vision.  There is only one left.

CHOICE #1– Throw it away and move along with the speed of the mixer.

CHOICE #2– Make the conscious decision to eat that last one as it will go bad if left on the counter.

REACTION TO CHOICE #1– By throwing it away on purpose, you strengthened your will and consciously rewired another circuit in your neural pathway.  You are stronger in the Mental Awareness department and have squashed your natural inclination and patterning of your Subconscious!  CONGRATULATIONS!

REACTION TO CHOICE #2- By making the decision on purpose to eat the bagel, your subconscious patterns over-rode and crushed the will and intent that was strong a moment ago.  No new neural pathways have been made, and your Mental Awareness has not been strengthened.

OUTCOME TO REACTION #1– After the smoothie, you feel energized by the light meal.  Your fitness class is starting in an hour.  You feel good.

OUTCOME TO REACTION #2- You have just eaten the bagel and feel a little sluggish.  You start beating yourself up internally as you are aware that you have just let yourself down, AGAIN!  How could I have done this?  I don’t feel like going to my fitness class.  I will start tomorrowI feel bad.

It all stems down to our conscious decisions.  It’s a difficult process, especially when it comes to overriding our auto-pilot subconscious decisions.  Here’s an important key that many are not aware of.  We make decisions with our subconscious  it is the ring master.  Our Subconscious is a conglomeration of our past decisions, whether we reference them as good or bad our subconscious  is like a lush and fertile land.  Any thought that we have can be planted in this land, or disregarded and thrown away.  It is up to us to make that conscious choice.  We have the opportunity to use our intuitional guidance system to consider whether or not this choice will strengthen, or diminish our spirit.

The Universe does not reference our thought systems as good or bad.  Our thoughts are forms of energy that can become reality and the Universe will grant your reality through our thinking system.  What if we visualized a lovely guard as our Conscious decision maker whose purpose was to ensure that our choices were based on strengthening the spirit?  We would allow ourselves to plant a lush garden filled with vibrant thoughts that would take over every cellular structure in our body. Not only would we nourish ourselves, but we would service humanity as we are all connected.

Our thoughts are a System in itself and can be directly linked to the pulse of the Universe.  We can tap into this force by consciously making the choice to become aware of every reaction we have to people, places or events.  It takes effort, but with the intention to evolve and strengthen our spirit, we can over ride anything.

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