Take Action for the Planet, It’s Not Too Late

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Changing Climate

Currently we are living in real time with a changing climate. I know it seems scary sometimes, but it isn’t a mythical monster. It’s the planet’s response to how both humans and industry are interacting with it. Humans are very good at creating life, inventions, problems and solutions. Our weakness is recognizing the consequences of everything we’ve created in a timely manner. Sometimes we simply ignore them because they seem too big to deal with. Climate change is one example.

A few weeks ago, we witnessed Hurricane Dorian ravage some of the Bahamian islands as a Category 5 storm. The Islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama were hit with sustained winds of 185 mph and 220 mph gusts for almost two days. You’ve seen the devastating images on television, but what does it look like in person? Imagine if you had to live through these types of storms many times over in your lifetime.

Hurricane Dorian made history. It was also the fifth Category 5 storm in the last four years in the Atlantic basin. That’s the most consecutive years on record with at least one hurricane of that strength. Category 5 storms can happen at any time; however, they are rare events. Are we starting to see a trend emerging?

We are already witnessing fires, floods and storms that are more extreme. When we talk about hurricanes specifically, climate change is causing these storms to become more powerful, drop more rain; and they are slowing down.



This spring, the Midwest of the U.S. received record rainfall. In the month of July, we had the hottest month on record for the planet. Yes, you read that right, the planet. Europe experienced record heat waves. There were fires in the Arctic. This is where you can see a picture forming. Everywhere on the planet, people and wildlife are being exposed to these changes.

The question is what can we do? Can one person really make a difference?

Yes, one person can absolutely make a difference. That one person can rally people together to bring millions of people together. If you haven’t already heard of her, that one person is Greta Thunberg. She is a 16-year-old Swedish activist taking world leaders to task. She is inspiring legions of other young people to help lead the push in making governments and businesses take massive action on climate.

What else can one person do to make an effective impact? A few key tips.

If you aren’t so sure what climate change is or how it is impacting you or the planet, get on board the education train. Learn as much as you can about the subject so you can do your part.

Plant trees. This is a simple, yet very effective method in helping to capture carbon. If you don’t want to physically plant trees yourself, there are lots of organizations that will plant on your behalf. Simple donate a few dollars or lots of dollars.

Become part of climate marches or strikes that are happening more frequently throughout the globe. These are activist marches that are meant to get the attention of governments, businesses and even the UN to act. We are beyond the beautiful speeches; we need concrete plans that demonstrate how collectively the world is going to take action instead of just talking about it.

Our future is today, and action is key. This is the time you can #BelikeGreta.







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