Take Care of Your Vehicle

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Acceptance With a Good Attitude is Magic


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“Acceptance is the act of embracing what life presents to you with a good attitude. Our bodies are among the most willing and wise teachers of this lesson. Unless you spend a large percentage of your time engaged in out-of-body experiences, your body shows up wherever you are. It can be an ever-present benevolent guide or a lifelong cross to bear. The decision is yours.”

~ Cherie Carter-Scott


Have you ever stopped to consider what a blessing it is to have a body? This becomes even more poignant when you can see your body as the vessel for your evolution; it is the device with which your soul touches the Earth and it has direct access to an inherent wisdom all of its own. If you listen to it, your body will teach you much of what you need to know about the life you call your own. The challenge lies in understanding that we can’t hear what our body is telling us until we learn to acknowledge, accept, honor, and love it.

Your body is a one-of-a-kind, customized vehicle in which your soul circumnavigates the planet; there is none other like it. How amazing is that! (Mine is a vintage, 1949 compact sports coupe–low slung and close to the ground–which doesn’t go nearly as fast or far as it used to, but it still gets me around.) Many people tend to move about their daily lives either oblivious to or obsessing about their vehicle; some drive theirs with great care and maintain it well–others, not so much. Often times, they do this  (perhaps unconsciously) because they simply don’t like the model the Universe has issued to them. However, being omniscient, it’s safe to say the manufacturer knew exactly what It was doing when we were each delivered in the body in which we came…and therein lies the lesson.

So, depending on your perspective, your body is either a burden or a blessing. Which is it for you? Accept and embrace your body and the moment-and all of that which is contained within in both-with a grateful heart; listen to what your body has to say because it constantly trying to  tell you how to honor your life more fully. That is when the richness of being alive really kicks in and every breath you take becomes a blessing. Smile, breathe deeply, and love the body in which you live; it’s a rare and beautiful thing because there is not another one like it in all the Universe–its value is beyond measure.

Peace, Dennis
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