Power Tools For Tweaking You

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When talking about personal power tools, we are talking about all things internal. So, let’s go through some personal power tools that have been reviewed before and tie them all together. The first tool in the arsenal is breathing. Breath is the essence of life, at a very basic level it is essential, whether it be a human or a tree we each process the rotations of breath to sustain life; ours is oxygen theirs is carbon dioxide. But deeper than that breath is truly the essence of all things…every molecule is the breath of life, and it is every bit around us as it is within us. So, when we become aware of this, we begin to change the molecular structure of all things within us, which in turn has its effect on all things around us. Part of the actual definition of breath is “to be alive” and we truly are when we sit within our own breath. That is power.

When we alter the breath, we have no choice but to just be, and that is the next tool in the box of spiritual goodies. To be in the moment requires no effort if we are constant in the breath. Once you have and sit in this awareness one cannot help but to have the remembrance of being. It is effortless. There is no trance, crystals, or guide needed; meaning no help from the outside is required. The breath brings you within, and there lies the kingdom. This kingdom of the universe is within you as well as all around. And with that remembrance comes the ability, the potential for resetting your life. The reset of your life is not anything more than a change in perspective.

The next natural progression is embracing that new perspective. Embracing is another word for acceptance, and when we have this acknowledgment we stand in our truth. There is no fear when we stand in truth. There is no room for both, therefore once we stand in the truth, we stand in the magic of change; the transformation, the acceptance of the new blossom that is our life. The next evolution is to look at the abundance of life that is all around and within. When we stand in our truth we inevitably WILL live our lives abundantly, because the station of truth is a never-ending flow of love, and prosperity of all realms, because all things in this multiverse arrive as branches from the tree of life which is the bearer of the truth.

When we stand at the foot of the grand tree of life we come to the final tool, the view of all possibilities in everything. Yes everything- even the heavy stuff, because when the view of the grand tree, the big picture is observed, we realize there is no heavy stuff. Only light shimmering leaves on the great tree of life that all have their place, no one better than the other, higher or lower. Simply beautiful in its own position. Our lives are reflections of this.





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