Tame Your Inner Critic

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Find Peace & Contentment to Live Your Life on Purpose
Your Inner Critic: Find Peace & Contentment to Live Your Life on Purpose


About the book-For many of us, being kind and compassionate to others, being open-hearted and giving of spirit to our friends and loved ones, that comes pretty easily. But what’s really hard is seeing those same qualities within ourselves; being as kind and compassionate to ourselves as we are with others.

If you recognize the desire to step away from the negative self-talk, to learn to nurture and care for your Spirit, then come with me on this journey of discovery – dismantling that destructive inner critic, and uncovering a kind, compassionate and open-hearted view of yourself.

Filled with over 40 meditations and exercises, Tame Your Inner Criticwill help you tune into your Spirit as you tune out your inner critic.

You will refine ways to set your attitude, consciously choose your thoughts and feelings, and stay grounded alongside other people’s energies.

You will discover your true north—your true joy and a way to live your life full of inner peace and gentleness.

DellaTemple Meet the Author-Della has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Accounting and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership (string theory for business nerds). She combines her love of anything analytical with her wide ranging interest in quantum physics and the world of energetic healing. She is a certified Reiki Master and has studied clairvoyance and psychic healing at Boulder Psychic Institute working under the direction of Miwa Mack. She lives with her husband in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado. Visit Della’s website at www.dellatemple.com or follow her at DellaTempleAuthor on Facebook.


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