Tapping Into Our Creative, Immaterial, and Infinite Force

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What is Possible?

January 2021 Creative change

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American engineer and author Willis Harman observes in Global Mind Change (1988) that we are literally hypnotized from infancy to perceive the world the way our materialistic culture perceives it.

I ask that we give serious thought to what Harman said, and recognize that we have been tutored in the materialistic worldview to such an extent that we are spiritually incapacitated. Being programmed in the primacy of material reality in this way makes us less inclined to follow the voice of our inner angels.

But how can we hear that faint voice when we are coping with life’s ongoing challenges? To our misfortune, we tend to hear the voice that’s ever-amplified by society. Yielding to that voice, we follow the mantra to become something more than we are: more captivating, more head-turning—in a word: “worthier.” Compliant, we’re drawn into a vicious cycle of ever-becoming something that, by its very nature, leaves us unsatisfied, conflicted, and disillusioned.

Yet at an early time in our lives, everything seemed to be within our grasp. Inner peace, idealism, and contentment were part of our birthright. As they planned it, materialism took center stage, while Idealism and Justice for all faded in the mainstream of the Judeo-Christian world.

It’s painful to ask, but why haven’t the Judeo-Christian constructs, which form the foundation of the Western world, saved us from surrendering our souls to the glitter and trappings of materiality? It’s apparent that the Judeo-Christian worldview upon which our beliefs, attitudes and actions are based has failed to inspire us sufficiently to act for the better good.

Knowing who you truly are simply requires that you recognize that every feeling and every thought, mundane or that of genius, that registers in your mind, was ultimately not due to flashing neural energy in the brain being channeled to higher neural networking systems, but comes from an infinite transcendent place beyond the universe.

The reason? Because as fact, the living second that you’re experiencing cannot be caused by materiality and or its accompanying force fields. The conservation laws that are the most fundamental laws in the universe absolutely forbid your experiencing first person awareness solely from matter alone.

Those laws also forbid physical matter from being the cause of your spaceless, weightless mind, which is not reducible into smaller components, unlike material objects.

You may be sensing what I am suggesting: that you actually are a miracle. Take note that a miracle is described as being something that cannot be explained through the workings of nature. A miracle is something that was brought about by a force that is beyond the universe—an infinite creating force.

This is what the Nobel laureate Max Planck, the father of quantum mechanics, had this to say about the infinite force:

“I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force….We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.”

Realizing the creative infiniteness that radiates at our very core will motivate us to take actions that are in accordance with our divine identity.

My book Regaining Paradise advocates that we would enjoy more fulfilling and nurturing lives if we saw ourselves from a broader perspective, one that would reveal our relationship with the creative force. The book directs us to recognize that life only comes from life, as Louis Pasteur proved well over a century ago. That means, by definition and critical reasoning, that we are not products of material processes but rather are expressions of an otherworldly, infinite creative force.

We will be inspired because that revelation resonates as a higher truth. Our view of the world and of ourselves will have changed. It will have expanded into the light of heaven.

Our needs will be redirected; we will no longer be driven to feed our hungry egos. We will reach out to feed the needs of planet Earth and of all humanity. We will feel fulfilled and we will revel in a sense of wonder. We will have formed a new worldview.



Author: Paul Corson

Paul Corson is the author of Regaining Paradise: Forming a New Worldview, Knowing God, and Journeying Into Eternity. His description of his otherworldly experiences have been featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer, and on local and national TV. As a pharmacist, Corson established a protocol for the treatment of HIV/AIDs. He received the 2000 Philadelphia Hero Award for his contributions in supporting AIDS survivors. Learn more by visiting his website at https://www.regainingparadise.com.




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